Male ticket dotes on me very much, but his ability is very poor, should I still insist?

 Male ticket dotes on me very much, but his ability is very poor, should I still insist?

Thank you for your comments on todays emotional issues.

Beauty help:

Ive been very upset recently. In fact, its not only recently. There were two times before, I felt like I wanted to break up very much.

And I am two years older than him, there is always seed, he has always been a worry free child, I look worried.

I have also mentioned to him twice clearly before, but at last, because of his persistence, I couldnt bear it.

Sometimes he would talk about his expectation for the future, such as cooking for me, cooking sugar water at home, and cooking for me later.

Its just that I love people. I like the feeling that speaking is easy.

Instead of explaining over and over again, rather than seeing a very simple thing, he screwed up.

I feel like Ive been walking in front of him. Im not able to move him

Now he said that he would study hard, but in fact, I think its not enough, because I think its just basic to study well

I dont know if I expect too much of him or how. I always think he grows too slowly. Its hard for me to wait until he keeps up with me

Im also afraid that no one will spoil me so much in the future, but I think my expected boyfriend is reliable

Some of the friends around me dont say it, just let me think clearly, make decisions early, and some directly say that we dont have a future.

Im confused. I dont know if I should let go of each other as soon as possible or choose to continue waiting for a very low possibility future.


In other words, from the perspective of the general environment, this is the issue of gain and loss. You are hesitant about what kind of life you want.

At the same time, I hope his EQ is also high. He can understand your mind with one look.

But fish and bears paw are not so easy to have at the same time. Besides, they are only students.

But first of all, to meet such a boy, first of all, you need to have the corresponding conditions for him to appreciate. Only the beauty is absolutely not enough.

And there are not many boys who can meet such conditions when they are students.

Its more about the ability to live, and its even more important than loving your heart.

To be honest, the growth world of boys and girls is really quite different.

Most girls like to talk to their mother, who is the most sophisticated person in the family,

Naturally, more sophisticated abilities will be taught to girls from childhood, which is why girls tend to have higher EQ than boys.

And boys, before experiencing the baptism of society, most of them are ignorant big children, inevitably many problems are not considered properly.

As for not letting go, to put it bluntly, you are willing to give him time and opportunity to grow.

At the same time, I think you should not be too greedy for your feelings. Fortunately, its your luck, but you can only choose one moment and do as you wish.

You have to think about how much you love him and what you have paid for this relationship besides being more mature than him for the time being and having a broader vision than him?

And has he ever had any spiritual or life requirements for you?

Maybe you do a lot of things in a physical way. Many things are better than him, but that doesnt mean you are perfect.

If you look at it from the perspective of the world, it is that his ability is not worthy of you, so he dare not ask for anything from you.

Moreover, whether to insist or not can only be decided by heart.

After all, no one can tell you what your boyfriend can be and whether he can be what you want.

But if for you, its only secondary for someone to know how to care for you,

The answer has long been obvious.