When you are in trouble, when you meet a man who helps you with all his strength, thank you and run as soon as possible

 When you are in trouble, when you meet a man who helps you with all his strength, thank you and run as soon as possible

After meeting several times in Muzu shop, we both felt very much about each other and began to communicate.

Later, he asked me to leave my job in the Muzu shop. I quit my job for him.

I have to repay nearly 10000 yuan every month, and he said he would help me. He said he helped me not only because I was his girlfriend, but also because he wanted me to return to normal work and life.

But after I resigned, I slowly felt that he didnt often look for me and care about me as before.

Later, I went back to my hometown to celebrate the new year. During the epidemic, I watched live classes at home, and prepared to go back to the stomatology major. He also gave me money to study the courses.

At home during that time will contact every day, but after Valentines day will not be much contact. Until the end of March, I came to his city again. The first day I met him, I told him to give gifts to the dean. He didnt say anything about it. When I met that day, he still gave me the same feeling as before (I felt that everything before might be more than I thought).

Later, he began to look for a job. He asked his friends to help me. When I didnt live in a place, he asked me to stay in a hotel. I thought it was too expensive and expensive, so I crowded with my friends.

Later, because of the repayment, I found him. He criticized me and told me to overdraw my credit card. I said that the money on the credit card was not enough, but he still ignored it. And he said, dont say where he did not do well, said also wont change.

My heart is very contradictory. I dont know whose problem it is. Am I going to stay or leave?

But I want to change his attitude towards me by improving myself, and I want to stay with him.

Cold love reply:

This is my 9441st question. Its getting closer to 10000 stories.

During the whole creation process, our team found a rule: some classic plots often appear repeatedly.

For example, as soon as we read the story, we know that the play is called saving the wind and dust: a man met a woman, who thought that the woman was living a very bad life, so he wanted to save each other.

In this process, men meet their own heroism complex, and women want to jump out of the ocean.

However, one of the most common misunderstandings in this kind of play is:

The man, to this woman is to help; the woman, think this man can entrust for life.

In this story, the man may just want to extricate the girl from her predicament, rather than carrying her on his back every day.

So, for this girl, if she wants to start her own life again, the most important thing is to realize that in the script of saving the dust, there is no constant help, only temporary help.

In the second part, we want to clarify that all legitimate jobs are made by selling their own labor force, and there is no fire in the water.

You are a pedicure technician. A good pedicure technician can earn more than 10000 yuan a month.

Through a legal job, you can earn more than 10000 yuan a month, so that you can at least pay back your debts after a period of time.

At least survive, survive, and then seek development.

Finally, it is very important to share this story with all the girls that the financial problem is a very important life problem.

In this story, the hostess doesnt tell how she owes a large amount of debt, or what she owes when she repays nearly 10000 yuan every month.

You can watch the video. Its my previous work deep in debt, your life can get up again by these three moves.

After watching the video, you should understand that one of the important points I stressed in it is to stop all credit cards and stop borrowing new debt to repay old debt as much as possible, because that is not debt repayment in essence.

All the people who are in debt predicament must watch the video I created: deep debt mire, your life can get up again by these three moves, and I hope that you can take financial issues seriously, and dont fall into this debt predicament, otherwise you are really tired physically and mentally, and life will be very difficult.