You are my destiny: Chen Jiaxins mother knows how to protect her son-in-law

 You are my destiny: Chen Jiaxins mother knows how to protect her son-in-law

In fact, after really understanding her, we can also find that she is not stupid, but always for the sake of others, or for the sake of people who care about themselves.

Such people, although sometimes look at the loss, but sometimes also because of the loss of good luck. It seems that she is wronging herself, but actually she feels at ease. All in all, she looks harmless.

But to outsiders, from her mothers point of view, her appearance is a little worrying.

Always let others, always think for others, wont they be wronged? Will they even be bullied? At this point, mother Chen is naturally not at ease.

As expected, mother was so angry that she wanted to hit her. Fortunately, Wang Juiyi came out and admitted that the child was his. Mothers fire is also quite frightening. She directly tied Wang Jieyi.

Knowing that Wang Jieyis family is so rich, there is no requirement. But I hope that my daughter will be responsible, loved, and angry. Its the performance of loving her daughter. I dont ask for money, so my daughter will be respected.

This point, think of settle down in Sun Lis heroine room is like a brocade, think there is a big difference, that mother will only squeeze daughter.

Later, I simply sold my shop and went directly to the city where my daughter lives. I rented a new store and settled down. I didnt give my daughter any trouble, but I always wanted to do something for her.

This move is because she went to Wang Jieyis home and found that there are still large photos of their ex girlfriend Anna in their bedroom.

My mothers heart is broken at that moment. My daughter is very talkative. She always lets other people, has other peoples children, runs a banquet, gets a license, and thinks about others everywhere. I dont want to worry about it.

But that doesnt mean shes not upset or aggrieved. Its just that she cant speak to Wang Jieyi. Chens mother should know her daughter well, so she said these psychological words to Wang Jieyi for her.

Indeed, some words dont say dont know, said, at least let him understand: you dont treasure her, but my most precious daughter, you dont love her, cant hurt her, or give her back to the people who love her.

Wang Jieyi is also a little disillusioned. Mother Chens language is not exciting. She shows her kindness and prestige. Its all in reason, so he can accept it. Its not coercion, its not coercion, its not threat, its knowing with emotion, moving with courtesy.

The greatness of a mother is often in the details of life. Those girls who are hurt in their feelings will be happy if they have a mother who loves her.

But it is not advisable for some mothers to deal with it improperly, for example, to scold their son-in-law if they find their daughters life is not good, or to be mean and hurtful in words, because that cant help their daughter, and can only destroy her emotional relationship.

Therefore, mother Chens performance is just right, neither humble nor weak, neither excessive nor perfunctory. The love for his daughter can be felt by others, and the reminders for his son-in-law can also move people.

She helped her daughter in her emotional relationship with her son-in-law. If you can do this, you must really love your daughter and respect the people she chooses, so you can achieve this effect.