Heavy fire on the moon: chongxuezhi still doesnt accept shangguantou, one of the points my sister said

 Heavy fire on the moon: chongxuezhi still doesnt accept shangguantou, one of the points my sister said

When shangguantou wanted to explain on the spot, chongxuezhi didnt listen and went back to her heavy fire palace with muyuan. Later, I want to wait for shangguantou to explain, but shangguantou doesnt want to explain very much.

In other words, he has explained that he didnt do things. Chong Xuezhi should trust him. It is true that she should not be so arbitrary as not to listen to him when everyone accused him. After the event, there were other things delayed, and then there was no ice.

Shangguantou went to see his elder sister, who asked him about his relationship with chongxuezhi. He said, I was going to take her home when my father was 50 years old, but something happened, so we had to wait for us to calm down.

As soon as the elder sister heard it, she knew something, so she pointed him out: you dont understand the thoughts of the daughters family. What the woman wants is not calm, but your determination. Once the relationship has been estranged, it will be more difficult to recover.

Before that, shangguantou did try to ease the relationship and make it as good as before, but every time Xuezhi was cold, which made him hard to force him to entangle.

At the same time, he also has the right to disappoint chongxuezhi, such as the idea that if you love me, you should trust me. At this point, Chong Xuezhi did not do well.

The two did not open their hearts, but there was a gap. Shangguantou didnt know how to go further. Chongxuezhi would only stay in the same place or retreat, so shangguantou would say calm to each other.

Although I can understand his idea, what my sister said is a very correct point. In relationships, some girls families and mens minds are really different.

The latter doesnt like arguing and is afraid of trouble. Sometimes, in order to calm people down, they press things, or stop, or dont want to face her tears or blame, so they deliberately escape.

Its a kind of laziness. They think that when they let go of it, things will be over. The angry one will be relieved, forgive herself and accept herself.

Because men think that they are calm, while women are waiting for men to coax her. She is not angry, but hopes that he will use his time to coax himself. Of course, this means that she loves him, so he can just coax.

It should be the same with chongxuezhi. Later, those performances also have intentional elements. They want to wait for the superior officer to coax themselves, say some pleasant love words and give them promises.

But shangguantou doesnt seem to be in a state, or because of trifles, hes afraid to hear chongxuezhi say some hurtful words, so he means let go.

Chongxuezhis anger lasted so long. Its probably because he was not satisfied with the Shangguans expression of intercession. He just politely points to the end. If he is domineering, maybe she cant resist his apology.

In a word, its not reliable for women to calm down. In that way, they will be disappointed or even cold in waiting.

What they need is her determination to understand and forgive in any case, that is, the state of I really did nothing wrong, you must understand me, without your understanding, I cant live.

As long as we still love each other, this method is actually feasible. So if two people quarrel, the woman is always angry, the man cant ignore it, cant say to wait for each other to calm down.

In that way, the women will always suffer in this angry process. What they need is not reason, but an apology or concession from him. They need him to coax her seriously.

Otherwise, in the days of the cold war, she waited every minute, every second, and felt sad. If she didnt wait, the relationship would be really in trouble.

At this time, if someone who loves her takes advantage of the situation, she may go with others with a kind of revenge mentality when she is disappointed by the current sadness and anger.