Love skills: five of the most exciting moves for girls, the first one is really surprising

 Love skills: five of the most exciting moves for girls, the first one is really surprising

No. 2: be a serious boy. There is a saying: serious women are the most beautiful, serious men are the most handsome.

When a boy devotes himself to doing a thing, that kind of concentration will really make many girls heart beating. If a boy can do something that a girl cant do, or can help solve something that a girl cant do, it will be very exciting for a girl. For example, if you want to repair a computer or when a girl is in trouble, you can suddenly appear, and then you can operate it with ease, which will really make the girls heart beat. So, boys, if you have something that girls cant do, and when girls need help, you may as well stand up bravely and help her solve the problem.

Number 3: know what you like. This is very important. For example, when two people eat together, if the boy doesnt understand the girls preferences and just orders a table of his own favorite dishes, then the girl will feel that seheng doesnt pay attention to his habits and preferences and doesnt know how to take care of others. Of course, this doesnt mean that as a boy, you have to remember all the habits and preferences of girls, but I think you should at least remember the things that girls dont like. At least you dont need to let girls think that you deliberately do the things or things that I dont like, which has a great impact on the relationship.

For example, when you know that a girl is not feeling well, you can send a message and ask how is she? Is it still uncomfortable? Do you need to take her to the hospital? Or you can bring soup or porridge to visit directly. All of these can make girls like you more and more.

Number 5: focus on listening to you. Whether its the trouble in daily life or the trouble in work, when you feel that everything is not good, you should spit out bitter water to the boy. If he can focus on your eyes, listen to you, and respond in time. At this time, it really makes a lot of girls feel excited! So, as a boy, when a girl shares her life with you, dont forget to just pass by. Even if you dont listen carefully, at least on the surface, it makes her feel that you care about her and care about her.