2669 nurses in Peking University International Hospital were negative

 2669 nurses in Peking University International Hospital were negative

After the case appeared, the school, Peking University Medical Department and Peking University International Hospital attached great importance to it, took decisive measures quickly, carried out relevant work solidly, and achieved phased results.

First, a special working group was set up, led by the main leaders of the medical department of Peking University. A deputy director of the medical department participated in the work of the front-line headquarters in full-time, cooperated closely with the Changping District Committee and government, and implemented the Four Party responsibilities. The main leaders of the school also held many special meetings on how to deal with the epidemic situation and put forward specific requirements.

1. The reception work of the emergency department of the hospital was suspended immediately. For patients staying in the emergency department and their accompanying family members, appropriate epidemic prevention measures shall be taken in time; all medical staff in the emergency department shall be regarded as close contacts for centralized isolation, and other medical staff shall be deployed to work in the emergency department, and the isolation protection level shall be managed according to the fever clinic. After that, more strict measures such as closed management were taken. At present, the hospital is tracking all the patients the nurse has contacted recently and paying close attention to their health.

2. Sort out the working conditions and activity tracks of the confirmed nurse in recent days, arrange the staff in close contact with her in the hospital for centralized isolation, and other staff for observation in the dormitory. All staff in the hospital were tested for nucleic acid. As of this morning, 2669 medical staff in the hospital had been tested, all of them were negative. The medical staff who are not in the hospital are required to be isolated at home and tested for nucleic acid through the community.

3. The key parts such as the emergency department and staff dormitory were completely eliminated. Peking University Medical Department also coordinated the national level hospital infection prevention and control experts to Peking University International Hospital for guidance in the first time to avoid hospital cross infection.

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