Men leave their families to live in 220 u33a1 apartments in the suburbs and run naked to enjoy freedom at home

 Men leave their families to live in 220 u33a1 apartments in the suburbs and run naked to enjoy freedom at home

Right, 39 years old, is a designer. He left his parents and newly pregnant wife in the house in the suburb. Suddenly, he bought a four bedroom, two hall and four bathroom house in the center of Ningbo, and lived alone after transformation.

Introduction: a black painting is hung on the left side of the door. Its called dawn. Its his own graffiti work.

Living room: the sofa in the living room is one-half round. He cut two fan-shaped circles by means of oblique cutting. When a person, will regard it as a bed, or lean on to sit on the ground to see the movie, very open feeling.

On the left is a golden brass triangle chair inspired by a painting by Salvador Dali. The foot of the chair is the shape of a womans high-heeled shoes. One leg of the chair is in the air, and the surface of the chair is also inclined. It has 70 Jin. It took 180 days with a sculptor on the right.

Kitchen space: the wall tiles and floor tiles of the kitchen are all large-scale tiles, and two pieces can reach the top. In the middle of the kitchen, there is a middle island platform surrounded by a curtain. He usually pulls them up when cooking, which makes him feel like cooking in an art gallery.

Traditional Chinese cooking oil smoke are very big, for this reason, he specialized in Japanese cuisine, summed up a set of dishes, do not need too much seasoning, simple cooking.

He also said that he extracted two elements from the myth, elephant and unicorn, and created a special dining table. The leg of the table was carved by Fu, a teacher who lives in seclusion in the mountains, after he went to Yiwu and bought 50 cm old camphor wood.

The pink tiles in the back were found by him in a tile shop by chance. Every square of ceramic tile needs 1000 pieces, and a faucet also nearly 10000 pieces;

Bedroom: there is only one bed in the whole family. Its for myself. My parents, my wife and children dont have a share. The whole bedroom was covered in a veil. I want to leave the good things to myself, he said

And when he is alone at home, he will not wear clothes most of the time, and he will walk at will. I just want to express myself, which is a unique way of life, he said

Lighting: in order to find the feeling of seeing Aurora, he set up two modes of lighting in the whole room, one is normal white light, which is a very quiet state. One is magic seven color light. The speed is adjustable, gorgeous and gradual. Any desired atmosphere can be created.

He has been staying here for nearly one year now, and he will stay here for about three days every week. The time and frequency are completely determined by his mood, and he will return to the suburbs for family reunion the rest of the time. He said: I cant wear clothes when its hot. Running back and forth at home is like running naked. Here I only belong to myself, not to whose husband, father and son. Its like hiding in a mans tree hole and getting more happiness in silence.

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