Pre sale of 236-296000 FAW Volkswagen exploratory x officially launched

 Pre sale of 236-296000 FAW Volkswagen exploratory x officially launched

At the same time, the government also announced three major car purchase gifts, namely, purchase tax subsidies (20000 yuan), service gifts (five-year 150000 km warranty, free basic maintenance 5 times), and car purchase gifts for old users.

[new car knowledge] New

The appearance part is no stranger to the design of Tan Yue X. the two-color car body design is adopted. The black roof extends to A-pillar. The front face is almost the same as that of Tan Yue. The through type lower grille is decorated with chrome plating. The roof line drops rapidly after passing through the B-pillar, and the upper waist line is low in front and high in back to outline the sports style. The double five spoke aluminum alloy wheel rim is full of motion, with length, width and height of 4626 / 1860 / 1662mm and wheelbase of 2730mm.

The rear part of the car adopts the rear windshield with a large angle of inclination, and the rear spoiler adds a sense of movement. The English name tayronx logo is located under the brand logo in the center of the cars rear part, while the two-sided chrome exhaust at the bottom is a decoration.

2. The interior is still exquisite

3. Personalized equipment

The new car will provide at least four exterior colors of pearlescent white, red, gray and blue, and have two-color versions. In terms of options, it will provide different types of LED headlight sets, wheel rims of different specifications and styles, front-view cameras, rear-view mirror bottom cameras, luggage rack atmosphere lights, A-pillar / roof / luggage rack / exterior rear-view mirror / top wing (roof tail wing) of different colors, panoramic sunroof, etc.

4. Power of Popular Classics