Wang Zengqi memorial hall is in the same position as the logo on the exterior wall of plagiarism!

 Wang Zengqi memorial hall is in the same position as the logo on the exterior wall of plagiarism!

The wooden heart poet who the past sun and color became slow, horses and mails were slow enough to love only one person and the writer Wang Zengqi, who is known as the last pure scholar in China, may not have imagined that they would be put together in such a way for comparison.

In fact, it comes with the shame peak of design all over the world. It is a plagiarism award! Whats more, its also a prize of less shameful than who copied it!! And some of our Chinese design works once again live up to expectations have been on the list! Not only won the top ten awards, but also won the best MVP of the whole game!

Original product left, genius GmbH from Limburg, Germany

Right is a plagiarized product from a company in Ningbo, China

I have been looking for a household monarch for half a day, and I have to sigh that the first prize is really worthy of my name, and I really admire it! what? You havent found it yet? Quickly polish your eyes and stare at the little logo. Yes, there is a mini ID card in the upper left corner of the original!

Original product from Germany

Right is plagiarized product from a technology Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang, China

In the past five years, there have been 32 plagiarism works from China, occupying half of the venue. You see, in 2018, Chinese manufacturers took the top three of golden nose; in 2016, 7 of the top 10 golden nose winners came from China In this knock on China game, China can be called invincible in the East!

Shanzhai wanghong home touch porcelain Original: this score has reached the pass line?

In the home furnishing industry, everyone likes to chase the net red, such as this acapul chair. In the 1950s, acapul chairs were first created and then became popular in Mexico. The chair is a kind of shell like shape outlined by steel frame, which is very light and suitable for outdoor use.

It is very famous in the chair industry. The original price is about 2000 yuan. There are only more than 100 or 200 yuan on a treasure. Sometimes it cant be seen by the naked eye, but it always feels something is wrong.

The original is in the shape of a pear, which makes it comfortable to sit in and comfortable to wrap. Its convenient and easy to sit in and get up from the chair. The cottage products are in a round shape, with a weak sense of wrapping. Its inconvenient to sit and stand. Neither the old nor the children are suitable for sitting.

Take a look at the Buyer show again. Rural non mainstream representatives.

Barcelona chair, as a classic representative of modern furniture design, is collected by many museums, and it is also the Red List in the world of copying. Everyone likes to copy it. The intersecting X-shaped silhouette is also a registered trademark of the chair. At a glance, its like a chair that a low-key bully president will choose.

Now the style of a treasure mountain stronghold is not hegemonic, but the village heads. The thickness of the chair is obviously too thick, and the X curve of the chair leg is obviously failed! Do you have to be careful?

In fact, when it comes to plagiarism, it has Chinas share.

Harm! The status of plagiarism in China is really too stable

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