At the end of the week, the sales platform of Xunfei was crowded, and cetca continued to make limited sales

 At the end of the week, the sales platform of Xunfei was crowded, and cetca continued to make limited sales

On June 18, China Eastern Airlines free weekend flight product, which costs 3322 yuan, was launched and received strong market response. Many users encounter online congestion, customer service calls are not answered and so on.

Mr. Yang, who works in Shanghai, told reporters that on the 18th, he tried many times to buy weekend fly, but failed to place an order successfully. Later, I listened to my friends suggestion that I should use Android system to purchase. At 1:00 a.m. on the 19th, Mr. Yang got a set of freefly products as he wanted.

Its a lot easier to buy with Android phones. After queuing for a few minutes, the apple system has been unable to line up, Mr. Yang told the interface news reporter. In addition to the difference in ticket success rate, in terms of ticket exchange, the Android system can immediately redeem, while the apple system still cant exchange, mainly because the IOS system, China Eastern app is not the latest version..

On the evening of the 18th, China Eastern Airlines announced on its official website that the market recognition of its products exceeded expectations, and the concurrency exceeded the design capacity, resulting in online congestion. The companys technicians have been trying their best to optimize the system network.

The interface news reporter entered the app store again today and found that the latest version of the app Apple system of China Eastern Airlines has been launched. The online time is about 10:00 this morning. Now IOS system can exchange tickets. China Eastern Airlines also gives warm prompt in the situation description and updates the app version of China Eastern Airlines as soon as possible according to the product description.

In addition, due to limited sales and crowded purchase channels, users on Weibo reported that there was a scalper price increase to resell. China Eastern Airlines made a solemn reminder of this. The product is only sold on the app of China Eastern Airlines at a price of 3322 yuan. Customers are requested to purchase and use it in official channels to avoid economic losses and use problems.

Yesterday, the products of xinxingfei began to be sold, and the customer service hotline of China Eastern Airlines has been in a busy state, while some users are unable to connect to the 95530 customer service hotline today. As of the time of publication, China Eastern Airlines has not replied to this.

It is understood that the products are applicable to the domestic economy class (except for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) actually carried by China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines. Tickets can be booked when there are seats for sale. The applicable flight dates are from the date of purchase to the scheduled departure time on Saturday and Sunday on December 31, 2020.

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