Japanese housewifes three-level storage skill enables 100 u33a1 domestic transformation of 200 u33a1

 Japanese housewifes three-level storage skill enables 100 u33a1 domestic transformation of 200 u33a1

01 primary storage

Japanese housewifes home is full of cabinets. 220000 people want to learn from her

There is a treasure blogger named mori on the oil pipe. She is a Japanese housewife. Her videos are all about drying her daily life. Its easy to circle 220000 powders!

The total number of videos played reaches more than 30 million times! Some single video playback will reach 500000!

Just look at the living room and you will feel cured How can wooden TV cabinets with white walls look so nice and comfortable? There are also green plants nearby, which is the finishing touch!

In fact, the small TV cabinet is very careful. In addition to the closed space of the cabinet door, there are two active independent storage baskets in the two empty compartments. Compared with the totally enclosed storage cabinet, it looks more design sense, less boring and rigid, and it is also very convenient to use!

In the dining room, there is a cabinet at the back of the dining table, which is also a design combining open space and closed drawers. Compared with half of the storage cabinets with fully closed doors, it looks blank and not monotonous.

Some spaces can also be used to put independent activity storage baskets, and can hold many things, and can seal them up in the invisible place. It doesnt matter if the things inside are a little disorderly, but its not as rigid as a completely closed cabinet. Its more flexible if there is a blank part on its side.

Kitchen cabinets are also open space and closed cabinet combination. If it is a full open display of all the items, it will appear complicated and not simple, and it will not feel fresh enough. But with the existence of closed cabinet, it neutralizes part of the complexity, and the simple door design without handle also improves the advanced sense.

Various IKEA style tableware are placed in the open partition, which can also play the role of storage and decoration.

Moris kitchen is really a cure for obsessive-compulsive disorder. All kinds of things are placed neatly in different areas. Its so comfortable to watch!

And its very comfortable to put all kinds of bottles and jars together according to the same model. People with obsessive-compulsive disorder want to say Im ok!.

Poke the atlas and watch Mori play with the cupboard!