Japanese housewives three-level storage makes a 100 square meter home change to 200 square meters

 Japanese housewives three-level storage makes a 100 square meter home change to 200 square meters

Space planning and segmentation is very important! For example, drawers and cabinets are easy to be placed randomly, not only the space utilization rate is low, but also things are often not found. Using the appropriate size of the storage box to divide the space into small units, let the items a radish pit, is the most basic Japanese storage routine. First of all, lets learn the simplest primary storage skills together, and see how Japanese housewives manage their homes in order with cabinets and storage boxes~

01 primary storage

Japanese housewifes home is full of cabinets. 220000 people want to learn from her

Just look at the living room and you will feel cured How can wooden TV cabinets with white walls look so nice and comfortable? There are also green plants nearby, which is the finishing touch!

In the dining room, there is a cabinet at the back of the dining table, which is also a design combining open space and closed drawers. Compared with half of the storage cabinets with fully closed doors, it looks blank and not monotonous.

The part left blank can display some decorations, or like mori, like a favorite book, which can be used for storage and decoration.

Kitchen cabinets are also open space and closed cabinet combination. If it is a full open display of all the items, it will appear complicated and not simple, and it will not feel fresh enough. But with the existence of closed cabinet, it neutralizes part of the complexity, and the simple door design without handle also improves the advanced sense.

First of all, the cabinet under the range hood, all kinds of seasonings are placed in order according to the shape of the bottle, so that you can see where you want when you are cooking, and you dont have to worry about finding seasonings in a hurry!

And its very comfortable to put all kinds of bottles and jars together according to the same model. People with obsessive-compulsive disorder want to say Im ok!.

The shelf itself is thin. It can put down the thickness of the ordinary large seasoning pot, which saves space and is practical. All kinds of spoon tools are hung at the bottom of the shelf one by one. What kind of spoon is needed when cooking, you can get it at a glance.