Will Beijings epidemic be more serious in autumn and winter? Wu Zunyou answers

 Will Beijings epidemic be more serious in autumn and winter? Wu Zunyou answers

Wu Zunyou novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia is still in its peak. The first wave of pneumonia is not yet over. Now, there are more than ten million people in the world today. It can only be said that the current measures taken by all parts of China are decisive, resolute and effective, which have blocked domestic communication. As far as Beijing is concerned, if effective measures are not taken, the situation in Beijing may be even worse than that in Wuhan. That is to say, if the prevention and control measures are relaxed now, the epidemic will rise again immediately, causing a wider spread. Therefore, everyone should do a good job in summer protection, in the sealed place, where the air circulation is not good, we must also adhere to wearing masks.

Q: you said that the epidemic situation in Beijing has now been preliminarily controlled. What is the basis for controlling it?

Wu Zunyou: there are three important time nodes for the onset of infectious diseases: the time of infection, the time of onset and the time of being reported by medical institutions. At present, the novel coronavirus pneumonia case curve reported by medical institutions reporting infection time is currently reported. If the infection curve is the highest in June 13th, the incidence of patients will be reduced on the 14 and 15 days, but slightly higher on the 16 day, but the number of cases on 17 and 18 days is even less. Beijing discovered the epidemic on June 11, closed the new site on the night of June 12, cut off the main mode of transmission, and then vigorously searched for close contacts. The infection of the new crown epidemic was curbed to some extent. Now this stage is the most critical time for prevention and control. Although the main transmission channels have been cut off, the cases are still scattered in different areas, and perhaps sporadic cases have not been found. To expand nucleic acid detection is to find out the remaining cases that have not been found.

Q: when will the turning point of the epidemic and Beijing come?

Wu Zunyou: for the word inflection point, experts and ordinary people have different understandings. Experts say the inflection point of the date of onset, while ordinary people understand that inflection point is to return to the situation before the outbreak or the time point when the return to work can return to basic life and work, which is the difference of understanding.

In terms of the number of infection cases reported by medical institutions, 21 cases were reported on the 17th and 25 cases on the 18th, which is an increase. In terms of the number of patients diagnosed now, the inflection point has not yet appeared.

Beijings prevention and control system has been transferred from level 3 to level 2. When will it be transferred back to level 3? If this is the turning point, its not here yet. It will take at least a few weeks.

Q: is it safe to go shopping in the supermarket? How can I eat vegetables, fruits and meat more safely?

Q: all the students in our school have organized nucleic acid testing collectively. Is our school safe?

Wu Zunyou: if all the students in the school have done the nucleic acid test, and all of them are negative, they will not go to high-risk areas after the nucleic acid test, which is safe. If you go to a high-risk area, there is still a risk of reinfection, so dont go to a high-risk area in this period of time.

Q: can antibiotics resist the virus?

Wu Zunyou: novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment has not yet been particularly effective drugs, prevention is no effective medicine, antibiotics are useless, and may even cause other microbes resistance, do not advocate that everyone take antibiotics to prevent the new crown.

Q: from the perspective of epidemiology, how long will the new crown last? Will humans continue to get along with it?

Wu Zunyou: novel coronavirus pneumonia is unlikely to be eliminated in the short term in the past five or six months. It is likely to exist in a long-term manner. This long-term coexistence is probably more serious than the harm caused by influenza. Hope novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine can come out as soon as possible, can be used in the healthy populations vaccination, enhances the immunity, prevents the new crown pneumonia to cause the greater harm to the humanity.

Q: are there any problems to be solved at present?

Wu Zunyou: at present, there are two puzzles to be solved: how is the virus brought to the wholesale market of Xinfadi? Why does the virus form a communication center in the aquatic products area?

Beijing Xinfadi seafood market and Wuhan south China seafood market. We analyzed different regions and occupational groups in Xinfadi market and found that the cattle and sheep meat hall on the underground floor of the place where aquatic products are sold has a relatively high nucleic acid positive rate found in the surrounding environment of aquatic products, and the incidence of disease among aquatic employees is relatively high. In such a local environment, the center of virus spread is formed. There is no answer to how it spread. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan came from Southern China seafood market most, and also the counter for selling aquatic products and meat. These two similarities provide a new direction for the next research.

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