The voice of Dawan District

 The voice of Dawan District

Anyone who knows the background of the legislation and the relevant decisions of the National Peoples Congress will understand that the national security law of the port area only punishes the criminal acts and activities endangering national security committed by a very small number of people. It is aimed at such forces as Hong Kong Independence, black violence and speculation. It has nothing to do with the vast majority of Hong Kong citizens, let alone the so-called Weavers accusations and arbitrary entrants and exits Crime. As the official from the Hong Kong and Macao Office of the State Council said, striking a very small number of people is not only a placard for the people, but also shows that there is a full guarantee of the rule of law and mechanisms, and Hong Kong people can completely eliminate the fear of the erosion of their rights and freedoms.

u25b3 figure: Hong Kong people from all walks of life support the national security law of the port area

Stability is the premise of development, and security is the barrier of prosperity. It is precisely because Hong Kong has been defenseless in terms of national security for a long time that a very small number of Anti China and anti Hong Kong rioters have no fear. The confusion and pain caused by the practice storm remind Hong Kong people that if they do not block the loopholes in Hong Kongs national security, the interests and well-being of the vast majority of Hong Kong people will not be guaranteed, and the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and the well-being of the people will become empty talk. Obey the law, whats the fear? The signatures of nearly 3 million citizens supporting national security legislation reflect the strong desire of Hong Kong society to stop violence and disorder, restore the rule of law and return to the right track.

Today, before the sharp sword is out of its sheath, a small number of opponents have jumped up and down like clowns, which just proves that the national security law of the port area has precisely hit the seven inch power of this small group of national disasters, which will become a key way to eradicate the cancer and make Hong Kong recover as soon as possible.

Cracking down on a very small number is the guiding ideology and principle of national security legislation involving Hong Kong, which should not be blacked or distorted by any force. We look forward to the successful completion of the relevant legislative work and wish Hong Kong a speedy recovery under the protection of the national security law of the port area.