Indian Cricket League officials against boycotting Chinese shelling: anti state behavior

 Indian Cricket League officials against boycotting Chinese shelling: anti state behavior

Dumail, finance director of the board of directors of the Indian Cricket League, said recently that he was in favor of boycott, but hoped that people would not be sentimental from the overall situation. This is to support the cause of India with Chinese funds. We did not give Chinese companies a contract to build cricket courts, and did not help the Chinese economy.

Similar to dumail, George, the former chairman of Kerala in the southwest of India, is more resolute in his disapproval of the boycott. In an interview with the media, he said that breaking the sponsorship relationship with Chinese companies would bring huge economic losses to Indian cricket management and even criminal proceedings.

And Georges speech immediately aroused strong dissatisfaction of Kerala officials, who hit back at George: we are fighting with Chinese people, such as George, whose irresponsible statement is both sad and anti state behavior. Does George have the right to speak in the media on behalf of the Indian Cricket Board? And the Indian Cricket Board should explain that.

It has to be mentioned that although the Indian cricket management organization has not responded positively to Georges comments, it has officially stated that it will evaluate the sponsorship agreement contract of the league, the Indian Cricket League Management Committee will hold a meeting next week to review all the sponsorship agreements of the Indian Cricket League.

An official spokesman for the Indian Cricket League confirmed that the Governing Council is about to review the sponsorship contract to discuss whether to continue to implement the terms or terminate the contract before the termination of the contract in 2022, while Indian media said that the Indian Cricket League has cooperative agreements with a number of Chinese brands.

This week, the Indian Olympic Committee said it would consider boycotting Chinese sponsors, while the Indian first league Cricket League official also said it would like to discuss whether to terminate the contract with Chinese brand sponsors. Kumar, a wrestler who has won a medal for India, and halbajiang Singh, a cricket player, called on Indian people to boycott Chinese products in an all-round way.

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