Public threats to protesters? The day before the campaign rally, trump tweeted

 Public threats to protesters? The day before the campaign rally, trump tweeted

The Capitol Hill newspaper said trump had severely criticized Democratic leaders in New York, Seattle and Minneapolis for not fully controlling the demonstrations, which had made some of them difficult to control. After Freuds death, demonstrations against racism and police brutality broke out across the United States.

However, when asked about the tweet later Wednesday, White House press secretary Kelly mcnani argued that trump was referring to violent protesters rather than peaceful protesters.

The president pointed out that the unforgivable scenes we see in New York, Seattle and Minneapolis will not be seen in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mcnani told reporters at the briefing that day.

Reported that the city of Tulsa previously announced a curfew on the 19th and 20th to prevent violent protests around trump rally. The rally has been controversial since trump first announced plans for June 19 in Tulsa last week. But less than a day later, the city of Tulsa changed plans and lifted the curfew. According to the Capitol Hill newspaper, this is clearly at Trumps request.

Because also on the 19th, trump tweeted, I just talked to the respected mayor of Tulsa, g.t. Bynum, who told me that there will be no curfew tonight and tomorrow, because many of our supporters will attend the rally in Maga. Enjoy it - thank you, mayor Bynum!

The Tulsa rally will be Trumps first election rally since the outbreak of the US new crown. The report said Trumps campaign was criticized for holding large-scale events during the pandemic and raised concerns in the citys health sector.

Trump announced at the White House on the 10th that he would resume his campaign rally next week. The first election rally will be held on June 19 in Tulsa, the second largest city in Oklahoma. However, trump later announced that the rally would be postponed to the next day (20).

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