Why does the launch of the University Express app cause a huge sensation in the education industry?

 Why does the launch of the University Express app cause a huge sensation in the education industry?

What is the University Express app

University Express app with leading role halo

The University Express app has six advantages and fifteen functions, making it easier to learn and easier to volunteer.

Compared with other voluntary reporting systems on the market, the University Express app is an all-around genius. Other voluntary reporting systems dont have it, they have it; other voluntary reporting systems have it, its excellent. Moreover, the University Express app pays more attention to user experience and function innovation, which mainly comes from the confidence in products and the feelings for education.

Why are you so confident about the University Express app

Intelligent filling, recommend to generate 100 + disciplines and Colleges

There are all kinds of college entrance examination toolbox, all you want to know

Personalized one-to-one filling service, professional entrance planner, expert and famous teacher consultation

In order to make it easier for examinees and their parents to apply for the college entrance examination, the University Express app not only provides online one-to-one and offline one-to-one services, but also provides other services (special type enrollment service, overseas study service, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, recommendation service for special colleges, enrollment service for higher vocational colleges Qiangji plan enrollment service) is only for the purpose of adhering to the original intention of education and better serving candidates and parents.

Independent R & D evaluation method, accurate matching and recommendation of suitable Majors

The professional evaluation and recommendation of jbcp, the enhanced version of jbcp professional evaluation and professional recommendation independently developed by the expert team of University Express app, combined with the data of Holland and MBTI, can more accurately match the candidates professional and employment trends.

Professional college entrance examination teachers explain in class to get the latest information

The University Express app involves modules such as the new college entrance examination, strong foundation plan, professional exploration, career planning, teacher Q & A, and the way to further study. It relies on professional entrance planners to explain, popularize the latest information and policies to candidates and parents, so that candidates and parents can understand the latest college entrance examination related information.

Accurate and real-time proposal, intelligent mistake book service

According to the introduction, the University Express apps own expert team, relying on the real questions of the college entrance examination over the years, specializes in polishing and developing college entrance examination paper, only to be able to accurately submit questions for candidates.

Intelligent mistake management system is an intelligent, mobile and accurate mistake management system developed by using Internet AI intelligent technology. Senior high school students can submit the wrong questions to the system through the University direct bus service network. The system will give the answer analysis and explanation of the wrong questions submitted, and push multiple test questions that draw inferences from one example to another, forming the students personalized wrong questions file and the class wrong questions collection, giving accurate and timely feedback to the students, helping them to repeatedly strengthen the weak knowledge points, so as to achieve the goal of score raising u3002

The college entrance examination is related to the life of the examinee and even the whole family. I have been studying hard for ten years, only for the pride and pride of being able to have swordsmen in the scabbard. When the candidates compete for the top, the University Express app is like a sharp edge, which can solve all kinds of puzzles and screen out the way to meet the candidates own life planning!