Tesla tells employees to take unpaid leave on June day

 Tesla tells employees to take unpaid leave on June day

Both were sent by Valerie workman, head of human resources for North America at Tesla, after some shifts began on Friday morning. In her first email, she wrote that the company fully supports any U.S. employee who wants to celebrate, reflect or participate in an event that makes sense to you on June 19. Soon after, workman sent another email (titled juniteenth! ) saying that if the workers didnt come, they wouldnt be paid.

The emails came days after a small group of employees announced a June Festival rally at the Fremont factory in Tesla, California, to protest police brutality and call for funding for the police. One of the reasons these employees proposed the rally was that they thought that workman and Tesla had not done enough to protest across the United States and around the world since George Freud was recently killed. According to a copy obtained by the verge, workman sent an email to Tesla employees on June 9, announcing a series of listening and understanding activities, saying that she would lets come together, listen to colleagues stories, share learning resources, and help people better understand new ideas.

Tesla has been sued by more than one former employee for alleged racial discrimination at the companys California and New York factories. The company did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the email or to the protests scheduled for Friday.

Tesla reopened the Fremont plant in May. Since then, the company has been trying to increase the production of modelysuv, which has started shipping ahead of production. In an email to employees earlier this month, musk said producing more modelys would really (make) Tesla change now..

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