Want to crack switch? Nintendo: please stop infringing

 Want to crack switch? Nintendo: please stop infringing

On the face of it, Nintendos American lawyer Allison Stein said, the company just took apart the users switch device and welded the sxcore and sxlite cracking chips. But Nintendo cant tolerate the illegal behavior of the company to avoid anti piracy measures by providing public facing installation services.

In a letter to the infringer, Nintendo legal also mentioned similar actions against other chip cracking vendors. Unfortunately, logisticsconsultingllc is still knowingly guilty.

However, van rheen, founder of logistics, said that we just used solder. Although he knows that this may allow consumers to play pirated games, the original intention is to facilitate players to back up card games to external storage media without subscribing to the Nintendo cloud service.

Nintendo, known as the strongest legal officer in the eastern half, cant tolerate such behavior.

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