Lu Shanzhen, coach of farewell meritorious service: the brilliant founder of Chinese womens Gymnastics

 Lu Shanzhen, coach of farewell meritorious service: the brilliant founder of Chinese womens Gymnastics

Lu Shanzhen, who was the head coach of the Chinese womens gymnastics team in 1993, has cultivated many world champions such as Liu Xuan, Cheng Fei and Zhang Nan for Chinese gymnastics. At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, he led the Chinese womens gymnastics team to win the first team gold medal in the history of the Olympic Games.

After retiring from the coaching post, he has not left gymnastics and insisted on coach training. In the history of Chinese gymnastics, he has left a deep impression.

He is the brilliant founder of Chinese womens Gymnastics

At the Beijing Olympic Games, the Chinese womens gymnastics team ushered in the peak since its establishment. The first Olympic team gold medal, together with He Kexins uneven bars champion, created the teams best Olympic record ever.

Behind the brilliance is the figure of coach Lu Shanzhen.

According to public information, Lu Shanzhen, born in 1957, began to serve as a coach of the provincial gymnastics team in his hometown Zhejiang Province at the age of 20, and as a coach of the national team in 1983.

In 1993, he became an important node of his coaching career. In that year, he became the head coach of the womens team of the national gymnastics team, and later the head coach of the womens team of the National Gymnastics Team in 2004. From the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 to the London Olympics in 2012, he was the coach of Chinese womens gymnastics.

In cooperation with Liu Qunlin and other coaches, Lu Shanzhen has cultivated Liu Xuan, Cheng Fei, Yang Yilin, he Ning, Zhang Nan and other world champions, which is one of the most successful coaches in the history of Chinese womens gymnastics.

In terms of Olympic gold medals, Lu Shanzhen won four Olympic gold medals, accounting for more than two-thirds of the total Olympic gold medals in the history of Chinese womens gymnastics.

Serious and careful, he is the father of the players

In the eyes of Lu Shanzhens disciples, Lu Shanzhens teaching style attaches great importance to details, and at the same time, he also has the same aura as a strict father.

During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Liu Xuan, the balance beam champion of the Sydney Olympic Games and Lu Shanzhens proud disciple, once described Lus guidance in her eyes to the media, he is really serious. When coach Lu doesnt speak and has no expression, he is really serious.

Lu Dao doesnt usually get angry, but when he gets angry, everyone is afraid of him because he is very dignified.

Lu Dao is a very careful person. When Cheng Fei played in the last event, the number cloth fell off a bit. Lu Dao helped her fold it. Lu Dao is a person who knows how to study. The coach has a great responsibility.

Cheng Fei, the head of the Chinese womens team at the Beijing Olympic Games, is one of Lu Shanzhens most famous students. In 2001, after joining the national team and learning from Lu Shanzhen, Cheng Fei continued to polish in technology, and finally developed the world famous innovative and difficult action Cheng Fei jump.

In the three World Championships from 2005 to 2007, Cheng Fei won the vault champion successively. The outside world also had great expectations for Cheng Fei to win the vault gold medal in Beijing Olympic Games. But at that time, Lu Shanzhen, who was always strict, chose to relieve the students psychological pressure.

After the 2006 World Championships, Lu Shanzhen told the media, if we look forward to her too much, put too much pressure on her, train her too much, its not conducive to her key projects.

Continue to burn yourself after leaving the teaching post

In fact, in addition to the attention to technology, the attention to the players psychology has always been the focus of Lu Shanzhens coaching.

In 2004 Olympic Games, the Chinese womens team defeated Athens zero gold was recorded, and the womens teams final was only the seventh in a row of mistakes. At that time, Lu Shanzhen said frankly, the key to the development of competitive sports to the present level lies in who can play well if their psychological problems are solved well. We need to make some adjustments. The key is whether we can let go and defeat ourselves so that we can perform better on the field.

After the defeat of Athens, Lu Shanzhen printed out the criticisms of various media on the team and pasted them in the training room of the gymnastics team. In this way, he encouraged the team to work hard and the real team is not strong, so we need to meet at the Olympic Games.

From the perspective of the brilliance of the Beijing Olympic Games, Lu Shanzhen has undoubtedly played a good role in the psychological adjustment of the team. London 2012 Olympic Games is the last Olympic Games led by Lu Shanzhen. Deng Linlins balance beam champion in that game has also become the last Olympic champion of Chinese gymnastics womens team.

In the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the Chinese womens gymnastics team once again came to an end with zero gold medal, and the lack of experience and psychological failure in the competition once again became a problem. For the current Chinese gymnastics, Lu Shanzhens experience is still worth learning.

In fact, after the London Olympic Games, Lu Shanzhen did not leave gymnastics, in charge of trampoline and artistic gymnastics, but also has been teaching his own experience as a trainer.

For the selection and training of gymnastics, he advocated not only strict control of technology, but also good at finding the flash point of athletes, there is no really naughty athletes, only our thoughts can not keep up. The combination of strict and encouraging coaching philosophy will still be learned by future coaches.

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