Liu Xuan and Cheng Fei mourn Lu Shanzhen: you will always be the father of our womens team

 Liu Xuan and Cheng Fei mourn Lu Shanzhen: you will always be the father of our womens team

Liu Xuan, the womens balance beam champion at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, said he could not accept or believe the news of Lus death. My Lu Dao, our Lu Dao, I dont want to accept the news, I dont want to believe it, she wrote. At this moment, I was the little girl behind your ass - my Lu Dao didnt leave! Dear Lu Dao, you are the father of our womens first team. You will always be, no matter where you are, thinking of you, will love you deeply. When you meet, your blessings will also be deep. If you miss you, you will always be deep.

In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Chinese womens gymnastics ushered in the peak of achievement since the establishment of the team. The first Olympic team gold medal, together with He Kexins uneven bars champion, created the teams best Olympic record ever. After her mentor died, Cheng Fei, the Olympic womens team leader, posted a black picture on social media, saying, I never know what I will face tomorrow. Lets go.

Yang Yilin, who is also one of the gold medal members of the Olympic team, wrote: from 08 to 12 cycles, its Lu Dao who has been protecting my growth and my safety. In my youth memory, always with your spur and accompany. A month ago, I still asked you to help me write a recommendation letter. Although I am not good at using computers, I still have the greatest support. A few days ago, I just graduated from graduate school, which reminds me that before graduation, you accompanied me to take photos in the gymnasium of Beijing University of physical education. I havent met you since I came back from studying abroad. I usually only contact you on my mobile phone, which has become my deepest regret. Now my mind is full of pictures in the team. I am mischievous. Lu Dao tries his best to maintain and grow up with me. May the land guide rest in peace.

Bi Wenjing, a silver medalist of the uneven bars at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, also wrote about her coach: Lu Dao is the best for me, and Lu Dao is very strict with me. Lu said that I am the most coordinated player of the Chinese womens gymnastics team. Lu Dao, I didnt have time to call you dad. Good journey, Lu Dao!

From 1993 to 2013, Lu Shanzhen has been the head coach of the Chinese womens gymnastics team, and led the team to win many honors, including four Olympic gold medals, and trained many world champions including Kui Yuanyuan, Bi Wenjing, Liu Xuan, Cheng Fei, Yang Yilin, he Ning and Zhang Nan.