North Korean people are going to distribute leaflets to South Korea

 North Korean people are going to distribute leaflets to South Korea

College students from all over North Korea are ready to fight to distribute leaflets to South Korea as soon as they are allowed to enter the border area, the report said. The report also said that the distribution of leaflets to South Korea is in line with the requirements of the Korean people and is a retaliation and punishment for the South Korean authorities to connive the defectors to distribute anti North Korean leaflets to North Korea, while the South Korean authorities must pay the due price.

A spokesman for the general staff of the Korean peoples army said Friday that the Korean army will provide security for the Korean people who distribute leaflets to South Korea in the border area.

North Korea said on June 5 that it would close its Liaison Office in the Kaesong industrial park to protest South Koreas connivance in distributing anti North Korean leaflets from South Korea to North Korea and South Koreas handling of the matter. On September 9, the DPRK also announced that it would cut off all communication lines between the DPRK and the ROK, and comprehensively transform its work to the south into work against the enemy. On the 16th, North Korea bombed the North Korean liaison office building in the Kaesong industrial park.

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