Video banned, ads deleted Trump social media post again

 Video banned, ads deleted Trump social media post again

Infographic: President trump of the United States. Photo by Chen Meng, reporter of China News Agency

According to reports, trump forwarded a video on Twitter on the 18th, accusing CNN of fabricating fake news.

First, CNN reported a breaking news about a frightened black child fleeing a racist white child. After that, the video gives the truth, that is, the two children were good friends and were chasing and playing. The video accused CNN of reprocessing the video, exaggerating racial discrimination, and stressed at the end of the video that America is not a problem, fake news is.

On June 18 local time, Twitter tagged Trumps videos with operated media. Photo source: screenshot of social media.

However, shortly after Trumps release, the Twitter official labeled Trumps tweets as manipulated media, that is, twitter determined that Trumps forwarding of the video was a fabrication. Later on the 18th, twitter banned the video again. In May, Trumps tweets about mailing votes were also labeled fact checking by Twitter, the report said.

According to the previous report, Facebook, another major social media company in the United States, also deleted a campaign ad of Trumps campaign team on the same day. The original ad had a red triangle down. Facebook said the sign was removed because it was similar to the one worn by Nazi political prisoners and violated the Prohibition of organized hate activities. The Associated Press reported that Trumps team spent more than $17000 for the ads, which were just launched on the 17th.

Source: Zhang Zutao, editor in charge of China News Network_ NT5054