Leading cadres walk into 618 e-commerce live broadcasting room and need to bring people and industries

 Leading cadres walk into 618 e-commerce live broadcasting room and need to bring people and industries

Leading cadres enter the 618 e-commerce Live Room

Bring goods and industries

In the early morning of June 19, data released by Jingdong showed that from 0:00 on June 1 to 24:00 on June 18, 2020, the total amount of orders for the global Mid Year Shopping Festival reached 269.2 billion yuan, a new record.

After more than ten years of development, 618 has become a double 11 National Super Shopping Festival participated by multiple shopping platforms. Compared with the previous years, live delivery has become the most significant feature. Many local leaders appeared in the live broadcast rooms of major e-commerce platforms.

Epidemic situation urges leading cadres to carry goods live

As the specific undertaker of this live broadcast activity in Fengcheng, Yang Shan drove to the live broadcast base in Nanchang on the morning of 18th to check the venue layout, rehearsal live broadcast links, check the network signals, check the live broadcast samples After repeatedly confirming various links, she appeared in the live broadcast starting at 4:00 p.m. as the 618 live delivery officer of Fengcheng.

We have prepared a total of 100 kinds of agricultural and special products this time, and opened six live broadcast rooms in Jingdong. In addition to introducing each kind of agricultural products, we also focused on selecting local industrial products such as ceramics and paints for recommendation. According to Yang Shan, affected by the epidemic this year, a large number of local agricultural products sales in Fengcheng were blocked and overstocked. Seeing that all regions have made great achievements in live delivery, Fengcheng has also followed up and made an attempt.

In the 2-hour live broadcast time of 618 day, from rice flour, grain and oil to office supplies, from cement cable to sofa, kitchen and bathroom, under the vigorous promotion of the official sales promotion group led by Li Xiaochu, 6 live broadcast rooms attracted more than 6 million people to watch, with the accumulated sales volume of more than 70 million yuan.

The mode of leading cadres + live broadcast attracted the attention of netizens and became the highlight of all kinds of live broadcast with goods. In the special projects of base industrial belt and Jingyuan agricultural aid project launched by the 618 live broadcast in Jingdong this year, more than 300 mayors and county leaders came into the live broadcast room to recommend local products and good products for consumers and publicize local tourism culture; meanwhile, Jingdong live broadcast also took 32 cooperative live broadcast bases as the core, covering more than 120 characteristic industrial belts in 29 provinces (districts and cities) in China, including steel pipe and cement industries Industrial building materials also appeared in the studio.

Seeing the huge potential of live broadcast with goods in improving product sales, many governments have cooperated with Internet enterprises and e-commerce companies, taking the leading cadres e-commerce live broadcast as an important measure to boost the post epidemic economy and promote the sales of agricultural and special products in the region.

Look at the koi in the koi town. Lets take a look at our Koi. Every fish in this pond is worth more than 100 yuan. A few months ago, Wang Hongtao, deputy magistrate of Zhenping county, Nanyang, Henan, completed his first video shoot in Kwai Fu. Soon, he became Kwai V certified anchor.

Zhenping is buried in Funiu Mountain in the northwest of Nanyang basin. The Middle Route Project of South-to-North Water Transfer passes through the city. The Danjiangkou reservoir at the junction of Henan Province and Hubei Province lies 200 kilometers to the south. Benefiting from the unique geographical location, Zhenping has a natural advantage in the development of Koi industry, but how to enhance the influence of Zhenping Koi and make the county brand is a question Wang Hongtao has been thinking about.

Driven by Wang Hongtao, e-commerce live broadcasting has stirred a pool of spring water for the development of Koi in the county. Taking Xiangzhai village, Houji Town, Zhenping county, which does not need to forward Koi and the whole village is full of Koi, as the center, there are fish ponds, households to raise Koi, and the whole people to carry out live broadcasting. A pattern of ornamental fish cultivation radiating to Zhenping county has been formed, driving 45 administrative villages in 8 towns, with an cultivation area of 15000 Mu and an annual sales volume of 800 million yuan.

Besides helping Zhenping county to expand the sales of Koi carp, the Baicheng county mayors direct seeding help farmers campaign launched by Kwai Ping has brought strong support for the fresh agricultural products stable supply and price under the influence of the epidemic. At present, the activity has entered more than 30 cities in China, involving Hainan, Guangxi, Hebei, Henan, Shandong and other places. Nearly 160 live online agricultural assistance activities have been held, with the cumulative sales exceeding 200 million yuan.

Hot local economy with local brands

During the epidemic prevention and control period, live e-commerce released huge consumption potential, helped to resume production and work, and became an important engine of traditional consumer formats and economic transformation, as well as a market hotspot of general concern. Industry experts predict that Chinas online live broadcast users will reach 524 million in 2020, and the transaction scale will be close to 600 billion, with a continuous growth trend. With the further popularization and application of 5g technology, the prospect of live broadcasting e-commerce industry is unlimited.

Bring local brand, hot local economy. In view of the role played by leading cadres in the live delivery, Professor Zhang Zhian, Dean of School of communication and design of Sun Yat sen University and Dean of Guangzhou live delivery E-Commerce Research Institute, believes that the direct participation of leading cadres in the live delivery is more to boost the confidence of local economy, reflect the high importance of promoting economic recovery, and express the public interest of the government The strong will of the Communist Party to support economic development. The local leaders are the political party, which have more credibility and play a value-added role in the trust of local brands in the minds of consumers.

For this 618 live broadcast, we started preparing more than a month ago. Yang Shan introduced that after determining the live broadcast products, they divided different carry goods products according to each persons field in charge, and prepared targeted promotion content in advance according to product characteristics. In order to ensure the product quality, the market supervision department shall take the lead to conduct sampling inspection for each product, and arrange to put it on the platform after passing the inspection. At the same time, assist the manufacturer to sign a consignment service with the local logistics company to ensure that the order is delivered to the user in time and smoothly.

Li Jun, Secretary of the Party branch of Xiuyun village in Cangxi County, Sichuan Province, has 137 thousand fans in the tiktok, and 1 million 291 thousand of the 242 works released. In the video content he released, most of the people who appeared were villagers of Xiuyun village.

Through brand operation and product promotion, Xiuyun village today is not only the name of a village, but also a brand entering the supermarket.

The Internet makes good products sell at good prices. Li Jun said that live delivery can effectively alleviate the adverse impact of the epidemic on the sales and circulation of agricultural products, but all must be based on the quality of products. Only by strictly controlling the quality of products, can we ensure the continuous popularity of live delivery.

In the live e-commerce activities carried out by Sina Weibo, two plans for the citys good things Festival and the countys live broadcast were launched respectively for the city and county governments. In the city good things festival in Liuzhou, Guangxi, the vice mayor of Liuzhou city and the vice mayor of Shiyan City in Hubei Province interacted with each other in the live broadcast of microblog to push and sell each other the high-quality famous and famous products and agricultural products in both places, which not only deepened the National Peoples impression of Liuzhou and Liuzhou products, but also pushed the high-quality agricultural products in both places to the whole country. In the live broadcast activity of the county, several public officials at the front line of the county and the countryside organized experts in relevant fields to visit the origin on the spot, so that the netizens could feel the unique ecology of each origin, the advantages of local brand agricultural development, the production process and product value of agricultural products through the explanation of the public officials and the perspective of experts, so that the county specialty could realize the popularity through live broadcast Pin.

According to the microblog staff, behind the live broadcast, local leading cadres, temporary poverty alleviation cadres and the first secretary in the village have done a lot of detailed and in-depth work and paid a lot of hard work. The activities are public welfare.

The effect of carrying goods needs to be transformed into a new driving force of sustainable development

According to Wei Yanan, a scholar in the field of agriculture, rural areas and e-commerce, the live broadcast with goods is in the tuyere, and the central and local governments are carrying out in-depth consumer poverty alleviation to help win the battle against poverty. There are only hundreds of live broadcasts of county leaders organized by major platforms, and many people have joined in the war epidemic to help agricultural banks, further promoting the rapid rise of live broadcast of agricultural products. On Weibo alone, there are hundreds of millions of traffic on the topic of leading cadres carrying goods.

The reporter noticed that with more and more leading cadres carrying out live broadcast, some new situations worthy of attention also appeared in some places. For example, some specially issue papers for apportionment, not only to find people to be audiences, but also to stipulate the minimum consumption; some, no matter whether the business plan is not cost-effective, only for the good-looking leaders, to promote sales at a price lower than the cost; others engage in second signing, false orders, chargebacks, etc. These problems with the tendency of formalism make the leading cadres discount the quality of live delivery, and also affect the credibility of the government to a certain extent.

Zhang Zhian believes that leading cadres live delivery of goods is essentially a public communication of public welfare rather than a commercial promotion of goods. We should have a correct attitude towards live delivery. It is important to promote the brand, explain the culture and release the confidence of economic recovery. You dont have to stick to the sales volume, conversion rate and other data with the goods, and dont care too much about how humorous or how many paragraphs you have shaken in the live broadcast. Otherwise, its easy to lead to the live tapes distorted taste.

On June 19, Anhui Province issued the notice on further promoting the network public welfare live broadcasting activities, which clarified the issues that leaders need to pay attention to when carrying out the network public welfare live broadcasting activities. If you do not participate in any non-public activities, do not receive any form of remuneration, do not appear to damage the pro Qing government business relationship. We should resolutely put an end to formalism and bureaucracy, strictly examine and check every link of the activity, prevent the problems of falsification such as flow injection, false sales volume and organizational apportionment, prevent the problems that only focus on the form and ignore the actual effect, and ensure that good things are done well and practical.

As the first new media of central ministries and commissions to carry out live delivery of goods, SASAC of the State Council cooperated with the video platform to hold a number of live delivery activities for poverty alleviation cadres. According to Yan Yong, deputy director of the SASAC News Center, the live broadcast of poverty alleviation cadres and leading cadres with goods is not as simple as Li Jiaqi in mobile phone transformation, but also needs to complete a lot of background work, such as resource docking, brand building, quality control, channel expansion, etc. Live broadcast is not only a sales channel, but also a cultural exhibition platform and poverty alleviation story meeting. Through the expansion of sales channels and the empowerment of agricultural and special products brands, the poor areas can obtain sustained resource support, and the live broadcast with goods effect can be transformed into a new driving force for the sustainable development of the poor areas.

The greatest value of leading cadres participating in live broadcasting is not to bring goods themselves, but to understand and learn from the reconstruction of industrial chain. Zhang Zhian said that if the leading cadres work hard to find out and investigate, they can have a deeper understanding of the development of local economy, the promotion of resumption of work and production, and the solution of the crux of industrial development behind live e-commerce, so as to understand why different industries must seek differentiated development strategies in the Internet era.

As for the problems faced by the live broadcast of agricultural products, Wei Yanan believes that in addition to the low level of standardization of agricultural products, the relatively backward level of the supply chain of agricultural products, and the uneven quality of products, there is also a very important problem that the talent bottleneck is relatively prominent. At present, it mainly relies on the mayor and the county head and other leading cadres, and the farmers themselves are relatively few. In the future, we need to increase the training of social e-commerce, live broadcast, short video and other online display and sales of agricultural products, cultivate more farmers, and let the local people with goods speak for themselves.

The most important thing for leaders is to be pragmatic, whether its the high profile in the occasional live broadcast or the low profile in their work. Zhang Zhian said that whether we can work hard to form a new industry, establish and improve the back-end industry chain; whether we can train rural people to bring goods, open sales channels, and let rural products form a sales industry; whether we can stabilize the income of the masses, and inject vitality into the local economy for a long time -- these are the real standards to test the effectiveness of live delivery of goods by leading cadres. (our reporter Nie Xinxin and Chen Hao)

Source: Zhang Zutao, editor in charge of China discipline inspection and supervision report_ NT5054