Li Guoqing and Zhang Yuqi should form a group!

 Li Guoqing and Zhang Yuqi should form a group!

The husband and wife had been apart for nearly a year, but in the end, they had the same frame in this way. There was no communication in the whole process, but it was like a light year away.

There is a marketing number to hold a court session as a fashion show, so that everyone can comment on Yu Yus line.

At least in terms of consumption view, the two people are quite consistent - but this is probably the only place where they are still consistent at present.

Yu Yu was silent all the way. He estimated that there were tens of thousands of grass and mud horses galloping in his heart. Its sad that he forced out a thank you all before getting on the bus.

She tried hard to maintain the last dignity, and tried to hide the domestic clown, but she had no choice but to defeat her merit in a second in front of her husband (who was not divorced) who wanted to perform extremely well.

The reporter also knew that he could not dig out any material from Yu Yu. All stars and the moon surrounded Li Guoqing.

If I were a journalist, I also like Li Guoqing, who is the perfect interviewee.

Other entrepreneurs, encounter this kind of thing, have no comment.

But Li Guoqing is not right at all. If you have questions, you have to answer them. If you have no questions, you need to create strong answers. Every sentence has its own picture. Ill help you book the next hot search.

But as soon as he threw out the unbroken evidence, the melon eaters were happy again:

This is a breakdown of the relationship between husband and wife, not a breakdown of the relationship between friends.

Other giants are fighting for production, and they are all taking the scripts of life and death. But Li Guoqings production competition drama, each pore is full of joy.

This honest boy actually ran to the judge to ask if he could start a new sex life. Judge: No, its called cheating.

After receiving the interview, he complained to Yu Yu in a long way on Weibo and added the expression bag of secretary Dakang.

Rich entrepreneurs are all the same. Li Guoqing, a stupid and cute man, is one in a million. This man is 100% long on my smile.

Ive thought about all the pictures:

Li Guoqing: I sent Yu Yu half a bag of mushrooms.

Zhang Yuqi: if you want to send one bag, Ill take the other half!

Li Guoqing is thinking about divorce, but he thinks that the current equity distribution is unfair.

Yu Yu would rather admit that the relationship is not broken than divorce, but he just wants to hold on and not let Li Guoqing get what he wants.

Poor people talk about whether their feelings are broken or not, while rich people only see whether their interests are broken or not.

Yu Yus resentment, humiliation and enough tolerance towards Li Guoqing only broke out.

If we say regret, Yu Yus most regret should be that last years excitement broke Li Guoqings face, which became the most effective weapon for the other side to cross examine the marriage breakdown.

Well, theres a little warmth in the absurdity?

Even at the end of the divorce, Yu Yu still holds evidence of the other partys infidelity and domestic violence. Li Guoqings identity as the fault party can not escape at least.

Although no one is really a victim of this silly white sweet who left home with 130 million net body, everyone has their own understanding of Li Guoqings experience.

You can use his story as an alarm.

Marriage is easy and divorce is difficult. Li Guoqing has now become the best spokesman for anti divorce calm period.

You can also take this story as a wonderful article of the great mistress.

Marriage calm period is only bad for the weak, and who says the weak one must be a woman?