LAN Yingying, 30, confessed: I cant pretend to be ascetic

 LAN Yingying, 30, confessed: I cant pretend to be ascetic

For the first stage show, LAN Yingying scored 91 points, ranking first.

Has become the sister blue Ying Ying, finally began to ride the wind and waves..

Acting, singing, dancing, fitness, musical instruments It seems that there is no one she is not good at.

A good actor does not have to be an actor.

Just like a boss who can run a good company, he will not only make money.

In the program, female stars from all walks of life form a womens League.

Many people expressed nervously: I cant sing well, Im not prepared, Im not professional

In order to sing and dance at the same time, she sang on the treadmill and practiced breath;

In order to make her movements light and beautiful, she danced with sandbags on her back and practiced her physical strength;

The more people say she is not professional, the more she has to prove that she can do it.

Others are do one line, love one line;

Since every game has a winner, why not be yourself?

During the interview, I prepared an English song and a Chinese song;

Even the sword dance, as a talent show to the judges.

In order to show the possibility of polyhedron.

I have hired hundreds of employees since I started my business.

What impresses me the most is not the best;

Its people who dont have dead ends.

A survey of 2000 companies by Harvard Business Review found that:

Companies value employees general abilities more than their professional skills.

Because what the future will turn into is unknown;

Only general ability can be used in any era and post.

Fate always favors the more prepared.

The number of times the camera has swept her is very small.

But it doesnt affect her performance in the spotlight.

She is the only one who can play, sing and dance.

When acting, others should be beautiful;

And she wants to be a green clothes, but also frankly said that she grows old..

When others criticized her for not having a female face;

She tried to hone her acting skills, but felt that her shape was more plastic.

Life is more cruel than play.

Some people groan because they dont get a good set of cards;

There are still people who are silent, creating good luck and rewriting their lives.

Adults should have this perception:

Do well in a place where no one can see you. When the opportunity comes, you will be worthy of your name.

The era of eating all the food in one move will pass sooner or later.

My 7senses restaurant is the first batch of online Red shops in Qingdao.

At the time when business was booming, I was suggested to join in and open a dozen branches.

Because there are other businesses to protect the bottom, so the heart is always more solid.

The real sense of security is to have the right to choose, not the option;

Did you pave your own way during the time when no one was watching.

Adults cant always plan for the future.

Kodaks film quality was the best until the day of bankruptcy;

But people no longer needed it, and his only building collapsed.

Always energetic, always energetic, always alert;

When the plan cant catch up with the change, your ambition and plan are your ending.

When all the stars began to settle in the studio of Li Jiaqi and Weiya;

People think that she just dawdles and plays with freshness.

10 suites were sold in 10 seconds on that day, with 13 million people watching;

The order amount is over 200 million and the total exposure is over 1 billion times.

In order not to make mistakes in the live broadcast process, she was so stressed that she couldnt sleep all night;

In order to be able to introduce each product in detail, she resented the staff: dont rush me, this is my live room.

Dont ask why some people give up stability;

In the field that you are not good at, you should go forward with your teeth clenched.

He will tell you:

Theres no reason, because success doesnt come.

But you do nothing, and you cant see other peoples good.

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Life is sailing against the current, no one can stay in place for too long.

Please make your efforts worthy of your ambition.