Its not easy to be offended, except for sister and aunt

 Its not easy to be offended, except for sister and aunt

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So every time we think I cant stand being fat anymore! If you dont lose your drive, you cant! At that time, it was the hormones in the body at the early stage of aunts period. But when aunt arrived, we took the psychological comfort of not fat in aunts period and forgot about weight loss when eating. Giving up always happened unconsciously.

Go back and forth, go back and forth

Of course, there are also some people who are not willing to rest in their aunts period, but excessive exercise will lead to physical discomfort, more than worth the loss.

Learn to be good at using aunt period, so that our efforts will not be wasted.


Some people always ask: is the physiological period weight loss welfare period? Aunt period use good can month thin 10 jin? In fact, according to the physiological period to adjust the weight loss plan is a certain effect, but this does not mean that Aunt period can eat dry, not fat, short-term fast thin.

First, we need to understand the basic division of physiological cycle. The cycle of each girl varies from 25 to 35 days, with an average of 28 days.

In terms of subdivision, there are four periods. Referring to the content of Chinese Applied Physiology, it can be divided into:

Menstrual period: from the first day to the seventh day, it is menstrual period;

Follicular stage: from the 8th day to the 13th day, it is follicular stage.

Prophase of corpus luteum: from the 15th to the 21st day, it is prophase of corpus luteum. Among them, because of the coincidence with the actual days of ovulation, there are also data that the pre luteal stage is called ovulation.

Late luteal phase: day 21 to day 27 (i.e. until the day before the next cycle).

With the periodic changes of womens physiological conditions, their basic body temperature is also changing.

Taking the first day (menstruation day) and the fourteenth day (ovulation day) as the demarcation line, the physiological cycle can be divided into hypothermia period and hyperthermia period.

When a woman ovulates on the day of ovulation, the secretion of luteinizing hormone in her body will increase, so that her basic body temperature will rise and she will enter the high temperature period.

Menstruation occurs about two weeks after ovulation. At this time, the basic body temperature will drop, making it enter the hypothermia period.

In the 28 day cycle, it can be divided into four stages, each of which is one week. Understanding the characteristics of each stage, and then corresponding to different fitness and diet plans, can help us better plan our weight loss plan!

Peach ice for everyone to sort out every stage should pay attention to the main points and diet sports suggestions, strong practical, together to see!


The first stage: weight loss pause period

Physical characteristics: slow metabolism, prone to edema, irritability, depression, lack of concentration, body weight will stagnate or climb.

Weight loss plan: please be kind to your aunt. Because of menstruation, the bodys immunity is low and the basic metabolic rate is reduced. So women in this special stage should suspend weight loss plan, focus on the protection of the body, storage of health conditions.

Diet: recommended for meat and eggs: lean meat, eggs, chicken, fish, shrimp and beans. It is suggested to use more green vegetables, such as celery and spinach, which are rich in minerals and vitamins.

Exercise: if the aunts pain is serious, it is recommended to go to a doctor or rest in time, and then carry out fitness exercise after recovering physical strength.

If there is not too much obvious physical discomfort in the physiological period, appropriate moderate exercise can be carried out, which can not only keep the exercise habit uninterrupted, but also help to promote blood circulation, help menstrual blood discharge and relieve menstrual pain.

But remember not to do anything like curl up or jump. Xiaoshai has also recorded an upper limb exercise that can be practiced in physiological period for everyone. When aunt cant exercise, she can practice it with her.

The second stage: the golden age of losing weight

Period: from the 7th day to the 14th day, i.e. the first week after menstruation (follicular period), hypothermia period.

Weight loss plan: during this period, the female follicles gradually mature, the secretion of estrogen increases relatively, and the metabolism is the most vigorous. So this stage is the golden time for us to lose weight. In this stage of weight loss, not only the effect of weight loss is good, but also not easy to rebound.

Diet: the good news is that there is less chance of overeating during this period, so make a calorie gap as much as possible with the energy you need every day. Proper supplement of protein, high fiber vegetables and fruits.

Exercise: at this stage, if you dont exercise, the 28 day cycle will be wasted. Therefore, the most basic 15 minutes of exercise every day must be guaranteed. In addition, if you have spare power, you can also properly adhere to Anaerobic + aerobic together.

The third stage: weight loss consolidation period

Physical characteristics: gradually rising body temperature, better metabolism, increasing appetite, good nutrition absorption.

Diet: the same as the second week, protein and high fiber vegetables should not be broken, you can use the method of less food and more meals to cooperate with exercise to lose weight.

Sports: we must stick to it! This stage of exercise can not stop, in order to consolidate the effectiveness of the previous week.

Stage 4: weight loss platform stage

Period: from the 22nd day to the 28th day, i.e. late luteal period: the week before menstruation, high temperature period.

Physical characteristics: body swelling, emotional instability, irritability, skin deterioration, weight gain (generally about 1-2 kg).

Weight loss plan: because women in this period are affected by luteal hormone, the accumulation of water in the body increases, the body is prone to edema, increased appetite, emotional instability, which will make their weight rise. Therefore, the key content of this stage is to maintain the existing weight, stability is victory!

Diet: it is recommended to eat more light food, drink more water, avoid high salt food intake, so as to avoid swelling. It should be noted that we should not deliberately control our diet and lead to emotional instability and overeating. We can appropriately give ourselves a cheat meal.


A study of the ketogenic (very low carbohydrate diet) diet of 20 young girls shows. Within 6 months, 45% of the subjects had experienced menstrual problems and 6 had amenorrhea.

This is because of the problem of too few calories and carbohydrates.

Because the bodys hormones need lipids to be synthesized. If you lose weight excessively or dont eat enough fat, your aunt wont be able to synthesize hormones.

If there is a problem with aunt, amenorrhea may occur seriously. If it develops for a long time, premature ovarian failure, infertility, endocrine disorder and so on will be caused. And these problems are far more difficult to deal with than fat.

Therefore, in the process of weight loss, exercise and diet control must be appropriate, and care for Aunt carefully to ensure that she does not run away from home.

In the process of getting along with my aunt peacefully, losing weight is not a matter of quick success, but a state of long-term regular life, and a healthy lifestyle that I gradually adapt to.

After all, fat is not fat all of a sudden, so is thin.

I hope you all can keep fit in the early days! Aunt normal!