Idiom Story Journey: safe and sound

 Idiom Story Journey: safe and sound

King Qi sent envoys to ask Zhao Wei. Before the book was published, the empress Wei asked the emissary, is there any evil in your life? Is the people safe? Is the king safe? The emissary didnt say, after the minister was appointed to exercise his authority, I will not ask the king, but the people and the people first. Is the person who is humble first and then dignified? Empress Wei said, otherwise, if you are not old, why do you have people? How can you have a king if you have no people? So you have to give up the book and ask the last one?

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During the Warring States period, King Zhao Huiwen, the king of Zhao, passed away, and the crown prince succeeded him as king Zhao Xiaocheng. When Xiao Chengwang Gang ascended the throne, he was too young, so empress dowager Zhao Wei took charge of state affairs. At that time, the state of Qin was attacking the state of Zhao, who appealed to the state of Qi for help.

However, the state of Qi asked Zhao Wei to send her little son, Changan Jun, to the state of Qi as a hostage, otherwise he would not send troops. At the suggestion of the minister, Zhao Wei finally agreed to the request. Qi sent troops to help Zhao defeat the Qin army.

The king of Qi sent messengers with letters to the state of Zhao to see Zhao Wei. Before opening the letter, Zhao Wei asked the messenger, is the harvest of the state of Qi good this year? Are the people OK? Is there any problem with the body of the king of Qi

Empress Wei said, no, if there is no harvest, where are the people? If there is no people, where is the king? So, how can we give up everything?


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