Happiness after 25 years old, sex and money cant be given.

 Happiness after 25 years old, sex and money cant be given.

Go to the mall and try your favorite clothes, buy them without looking at the tags, store up your favorite cosmetics in three or four sets, and book a ticket to fly away if you want to play anywhere It can be said that it was the most extravagant period of my life.

But, listen to me, but. That kind of pleasure just lasted for a short period of six months, and then disappeared. Instead, I began to get anxious and upset because I didnt earn much this month. The first reaction after I got my favorite clothes was not to get excited, but to convert it into two weeks living expenses.

Especially this year, it is affected by various factors. I dont even want to spend money at all. I just want to make more money and save it for a rainy day.

In the past, I seldom considered that the four old people in my family were getting worse and worse when they were in their 70s, so I had to set aside the cost of seeing a doctor. Subconsciously, I thought it was my parents business. However, mom and dad are not young, so they have to grow up.

As for love and affection, maybe this year I dont know a new way for boys. The half year 2020 is about to be over, and the emotional aspect is still blank. Its too hard. I go to the gym every day without socializing and entertainment. How can I have peach blossom.

Two days ago, a brother in the gym fell in love. On the fourth day when the girl just came to our gym, he taught her movement, then added wechat, and then two people succeeded hand in hand.

Im joking with cream. It seems that I need to go to the new gym to get a little boy. But to be honest, Im not allowed to experience fast-food love at this stage. PS, even if its just about feeling, apart from the health factors, I will also consider a series of issues after the end of the relationship.

If Im a man, I dont want to have an affair with myself. It can be said that I have a lot of self-knowledge, but I am not worthy.

So I sent a circle of friends two days ago saying that the easier happiness is, the worse the experience will be.

Seriously think about it, what else is really making me feel happy? So far, it seems that there are only fitness and poodle.

People with pets at home should be able to get to my point easily. Its so happy to have puppies. Although they are mischievous, they are really cured.

From time to time, there are sisters and I make complaints about their heads. On the contrary, the happiest moment of every day is to choose a gym suit and go to rolling iron.

This kind of happiness is sustainable. Although it is very slow and hard, I am fascinated by the delayed gratification in the process of physical transformation.

Ill have fun myself.

When I was young, someone sheltered me from the wind and rain, but I didnt feel hard in life. Suddenly, when I reached the age of embarrassment, I suddenly found that I should take more responsibilities. When the pressure is high, the natural happiness will be less.

Its really hard to be an adult.

PS: those who dont have to work and dont need money, except the rich second generation handsome men and beautiful women who have a lot of time to play every day.

PS: I dont mean that they are bad. I envy them.

So, if you dont have a three-dimensional view, you can do whatever you like.

Take advantage of impulse, passion and freshness, do more to make yourself comfortable.