Teach you how to get rid of the problem of inertia | simple 4 steps, to install efficient action engine for yourself!

 Teach you how to get rid of the problem of inertia | simple 4 steps, to install efficient action engine for yourself!

Xiao Zhang and Xiao Li both believe that the root cause of all is the inherent inertia of human beings. Inertia is like a natural sandbag, firmly tied to peoples legs. However, if inertia is really a kind of original sin of human beings, then it should not only attach to human actions, but also block peoples thinking, which is obviously not the case. Maybe inertia itself is not natural, it just comes from peoples ideas and body inconsistencies.


Inertia: how is action power killed

Since the 1960s, positive psychology began. With the help of the media, its influence quickly broke through the walls of the college and began to penetrate into the daily life of ordinary people. Positive thinking will lead people to have positive behaviors towards happiness. By focusing on the positive aspects of things, people can cultivate and maintain this positive energy in their hearts. This constitutes a perfect circular relationship, thinking brings behavior, behavior produces results, and results affect thinking.

In order to solve this problem, the famous psychologist Gabriel Oettingen began to study for nearly 20 years. The results are surprising. Sometimes positive thinking can not be the trigger of positive behavior, or even the source of inertia itself.

Xiao Zhang will add fuel to the fire of dream every day, and beside the warm fire, dream of the scene when the dream comes true. However, this kind of fantasy success will deceive peoples bodies, thus eliminating the internal tension that produces actions. Xiao Li hopes that he will always maintain his self-confidence and enjoy his self-confidence. However, with the excessive development of this situation, Xiao Li will distort the reality in order to maintain his self-confidence. If the result of action is likely to destroy your self-confidence, is there any need for action? We can call this situation the hypnotic effect of positive thinking. After all the negativity has been removed, people can easily fall into the state of daydream and cannot extricate themselves.

If a person is very negative, he may deny all possibilities, thus eliminating all reasons for action. Although this situation is terrible, it is difficult to call it inertia, because attitude and behavior are consistent. It is obvious that only such a serious disconnection can be called inertia. On the one hand, this inertia is indeed inherent in human nature, but on the other hand, it can be overcome.


Mind comparison: set up action engine in the deep of thinking

In order to strengthen the relationship between thinking and behavior, Professor ertingen began to conduct a large number of experiments in Germany and the United States. Negativity consumes all dreams, so there is no problem with the starting point of positive psychology. Of course, people should have dreams, but remember, you should be the creator of dreams, not be captured by dreams and become its actors. First, think optimistically about the situation when the dream is achieved, and then wake up when you are not in the state of daydream. If you can do this, the trigger of action will be smoothly pulled.

If you want to grab a coin, you have to start from the opposite side. Similarly, if you want to grasp your dreams, you should focus on those practical obstacles. If we can imagine the optimistic result of dream and the realistic obstacle of dream realization, it will tear up the illusion of realization that makes people indulge in themselves, from cocooning and self binding to breaking cocoon and becoming butterfly. Professor ertingen called this measure mind comparison.

The obstacle of reality is the grasp of action. It reminds us that the dream has not been realized, and makes the vague inner will show on the clear goal of action. Fantasy is like a strong adhesive, the positive and negative fantasy will firmly weld the desire and reality obstacles together, so as to build a motive engine on the subconscious level. If the dream really comes from the heart, and it is not an endless fantasy, then mind comparison will automatically and continuously provide the source of motivation for behavior.

Of course, if this is not the case, the motivation engine will not work, which in fact constitutes a verification and screening function. Most of the time, peoples brains are full of various dreams. They intertwine and squeeze each other, making people restless. Some of these dreams are pure demagogues from the outside world, others are simply impossible to realize. Psychological comparison can help people focus on those dreams that can be realized and get rid of various psychological problems by clarifying them.


Woop tool: from deliberate training to habit formation

Optimistic fantasy provides the source of energy for action, and real obstacles provide the outlet for motivation. If the threshold of action can be further reduced, the whole chain of improving action power can be described as a perfect match. In the nodes of the Internet, a routing table will be preset. Whenever information passes through the nodes, the routing table will clearly provide them with the next propagation path, which greatly improves the efficiency of information transmission. In the same way, if people prepare an action plan for their dreams in advance in consciousness, the threshold between motivation and behavior will be cleared. People dont need to think too much, and behavior will be triggered directly.

The tool of this whole set of measures is woop (wish; outcome, optimistic result; objective; realistic obstacle; plan, action plan). Since the introduction of this tool by Professor ertingen, it has successfully helped thousands of people to effectively improve their mobility. Whether its in the area of healthy weight loss or learning about social networking, this simple gadget plays an incredible role. This tool can also be of great help to you in the face of great stress, anxiety, or confusion.

In addition, the woop tool has powerful self evolution function. The more skillfully you master it, you will know how to avoid the interference of personal will to the image flow when you are dreaming of the scene of wish realization or the obstacle of fantasy reality. The longer you use it, the more you can embed it in your mind and develop a habit.

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