After the aircraft is sealed up due to the epidemic, how many steps does the airline take?

 After the aircraft is sealed up due to the epidemic, how many steps does the airline take?

Although the domestic air transport capacity has been restored at present, it may take about three years for the worlds civil aviation to fully recover according to the prediction of several major airlines in the world.

This also brings a problem, the civil aviation industry does not need so many passenger aircraft for the time being, at this time, what should airlines do?

From the perspective of large airlines, although the accelerated retirement plan is the choice of most airlines with old fleet, it is obvious that more aircrafts need to find a place to store them, so that they can return to the sky.

So, how do we store airplanes?

The so-called storage of aircraft, in general, is what we call aircraft parking. Many aircraft need to be sealed after parking.

In fact, it is not uncommon to seal up aircraft. Before the outbreak, we could see many 787 aircraft in the process of flight taxiing in the capital airport. Many people may be impressed by the engine covered with red cloth (or even the engine under the wings), which is actually a normal appearance of aircraft sealing.

Of course, its not just a matter of covering the plane. Aviation enterprises have to do more than we think.

First of all, where should the plane stop? Its natural for everyone to think that the plane should stop on the apron. However, which airport to park on is also very particular.

As the sealed aircraft involves a series of logistics maintenance work in the aviation industry, it is only the first step for the aircraft to slide to the apron and stop. For the aviation enterprises, the follow-up workload is not only large, but also regular.

Therefore, when the aircraft is temporarily sealed, the aviation enterprise will give priority to its own base. Especially during the epidemic period, there are a large number of aircraft that need to be stopped for storage, and it is obviously more realistic to store them in the base.

Thats why there are so many airports in the world, but we hardly see the airliners sealed up in small airports. On the other hand, we find that even taxiways in large airports have been expropriated.

During long-term storage, airlines tend to be located in different places, preferentially in dry and stable climate areas. These areas are also the places where aircraft cemeteries are located. Therefore, aircraft in aircraft cemeteries are not necessarily to be dismantled. People may temporarily stop for several years, and then go to heaven again.

When it comes to long-term storage, when it comes to storage of 737max, some domestic airlines choose Lanzhou as the storage base, which is also the basic climate reason more suitable for consideration.

Second, what else should the airline do when the aircraft is sealed up.

Generally speaking, for the parking period, if it is not for maintenance, repair and other work, according to the guidance given by the manufacturer, the maintenance workers will check the aircraft in 7 days, 15 days, 30 days and above to ensure that the aircraft is in normal condition when it is parked for a long time and can be put into operation quickly after the parking.

If the aircraft is expected to be parked for more than 30 days, the airlines usually need to temporarily seal the aircraft. Here are some operation steps.

First of all, we can see that many times, the windshields of sealed aircraft are all covered with tape or protective covers, and the porthole covers of aircraft are all put down. This is because ultraviolet radiation will cause damage to the interior of the aircraft. For example, the interior of the aircraft is easy to fade due to long-term sunlight, and it can also prevent the windshield from getting dirty.

Of course, before that, for the aircraft with a long storage time, the engine must use special oil seal oil for oil seal operation. The landing gear and control surface shall be cleaned and lubricated with lubricating oil.

In order to prevent the tire deformation of the aircraft caused by long-term parking, if the parking time is more than 3 months, the general maintenance needs to measure the tire pressure, inflate and move the tire to touch the ground during the regular inspection. This is usually to push the aircraft forward or backward for a short distance.

Its also mentioned here that the last step of the operation is often the last step after the aircraft is towed to the storage site

Fourth, cover all the other places with mouths. Although these places are small, it will be a big deal if they are blocked when parking. For example, airspeed sensor, angle of attack sensor, temperature sensor, APU intake and exhaust port, etc.

Fifth, all kinds of equipment, switches and batteries (reserve power supply) on the machine are cut off, disconnected and voltage cut off. Of course, different equipment needs different operations when the aircraft is stored at different times. For example, how to store the battery is a big learning. The instrument may also need to be powered on regularly.

Sixth, the long-term storage of aircraft fuel tank needs to be sterilized, and the metal parts may be coated with preservatives.

Seventh, the maintenance should block the wheels and tie down the aircraft.

For large-scale aircraft parking, although the flight attendants, pilots and so on look relaxed, but for the maintenance friends, there are still a lot of work to be responsible for, absolutely not to put the aircraft on that line.

In fact, most of the unsealing operations can be regarded as the reverse operation of the above operations, but considering the flight safety, the maintenance needs to carry out a series of checks on the aircraft. At this time, the maintenance may invest more energy than sealing the aircraft.

Therefore, it is not a low-cost matter for airlines to seal or unseal the aircraft, unless it is certain that the aircraft will not be put into use for a long time. After the aircraft is finally sealed in the parking lot, airlines will be cautious and cautious.

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