Shen Mengchens big bowl with wide face fight dance broke into expression bag and rushed to hot search

 Shen Mengchens big bowl with wide face fight dance broke into expression bag and rushed to hot search

Shen Mengchen deserves to be the host of Huadan of Hunan Satellite TV. He has strong emotional intelligence and field control ability, and still requires fair competition with Jinchen. When Jinchen sang, he praised her for her good performance. Perfect solution to embarrassment, make the atmosphere very funny. The netizens praised its really worthy of the funny responsibility of elder sister circle and its really worthy of being the leader of the active atmosphere.

Shen Mengchen not only brought laughter to the netizens, but also brought a lot of laughter to the sisters in the same group. During the singing, Jin Chen mentioned EGM. Shen Mengchen quickly got and led her sister to a dance show. After laughing, I remind my sisters to get back to the topic and finish the task of singing. With the big bowl wide face group that plays the role of funny Shen Mengchen, the overall atmosphere is more relaxed and humorous, which perfectly contracts the audiences current laugh points.

In addition to this classic clip, Shen Mengchen is also called Shen joy and joy converter by netizens because of his many humorous performances in this program, which are funny and intimate. When we had supper together, Shen Mengchen said that the scale will be broken tomorrow, and netizens said its me.

At the voting stage, the members of the group let Shen Mengchen go on, and then joked, we didnt discuss it, its your decision. Shen Mengchen was surprised and replied, throw the pot? What about the good group soul? Do you have me in your eyes and you in my eyes? I love this group! It must be a good way to be a good friend so as to make fun of it.

More netizens combined with the last episode of shenmengchen solo shows cross dressing funny clips, and this performance, to give shenmengchen the title of Terrier sister, saying that they love to watch the segments of shenmengchen most, and have fun when she is there.

In the next issue, what surprises will Shen Mengchen bring to you? Coming soon!