Modis words about the conflict between China and India revealed

 Modis words about the conflict between China and India revealed

However, according to India today, although government sources said they did not exclude any partys intention, on the eve of the meeting, the small parties, the peoples Party of China (AAP) and the National Peoples Party (rjd), said they were not invited. The leaders of the party criticized the government for arrogance, and the head of the party also questioned the government on twitter. This cast a shadow on the meeting before it started, and the subsequent meeting was criticized and ridiculed by some Indians with high national sentiment because modi said China did not break into the Indian border and exposed the truth.

Sonia Gandhi, President of the Congress party, the biggest opposition, questioned the governments intelligence work. In fact, even in the final stages, we still know nothing about many key aspects of this crisis.

Does the government receive satellite images of our borders from time to time? Has our external intelligence never reported any unusual activity along the line of actual control? Didnt the military intelligence give a warning to the government Does the government see this as a failure of intelligence?

Sonia Gandhi (right)

Gandhi said the Congress Party and the opposition as a whole stand united on the side of the national defense forces and are ready to make any sacrifices to ensure that they are ready to fight.

In addition, many parties expressed their support for the government, saying that they should send a message to China that India is united.

The leaders of Indias Basic National Congress Party (TMC) expressed full support for the government, the all party meeting is good news for the country, which shows that we are united behind the Indians.

YS jagan Mohan Reddy, Indias chief minister, tried to praise modi: thanks to the prime minister, Indias global reputation has improved. He has established important strategic partnerships around the world, and you are our strength. Quamodi has not forgotten to pour dirty water on China, saying that China tries to undermine the stability of India.

Although the parties tried hard to show unity, the controversy over modis later remark made these efforts fail in a flash. After summing up the speeches of various parties, modi said some words such as the country has great confidence in our soldiers, and I want to assure our soldiers that the whole country is with them, which were evaluated as nothing substantive by the Indian media.

Modi: they (China) have neither broken into our border nor occupied any Outpost screenshot

Chinas Ministry of foreign affairs has detailed the context of the conflict in the garwan river valley between China and India on the 19th. It is Indias attempt to unilaterally change the current situation of border control, deliberately provoke across the actual control line, and even violently attack the Chinese officers and soldiers who go to the site to negotiate, which leads to fierce physical conflicts and casualties.

But a statement issued by Indias foreign ministry on the 13th tried to distort the truth, claiming that China tried to unilaterally change the current situation of border control. Modis remark on the 19th was equivalent to exposing the truth and acknowledging the Chinese Foreign Ministrys statement that he slapped his own foreign ministry.

This caused the dissatisfaction of some people hostile to China in India. The online news website scroll in India asked, did modi say that the foreign ministry was wrong or lied? What do you mean? Has modi overturned the foreign ministry statement?

Twitter screenshot

Ironically, after this statement ignited, the Indian government later deleted this sentence in modis official statement at the all Party Congress.

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