Mango TV holds 2020 strategic conference, with the help of sisters

 Mango TV holds 2020 strategic conference, with the help of sisters

Drama part: Liu Shishis three words recommend new drama Liu Tao and Hu Ke

At the strategic conference, mango TV disclosed a series of heavyweight pieces. Liu Shishi appeared on the scene with the new play dear self. This time, Liu Shishi played a career woman in the play. When asked whats the difference between the characters in the play, Liu Shishi said that some ways of dealing with the problems faced by the characters in the play are different from his own. Finally, Liu Shishi recommended the play with three words of truthfulness, delicacy and enjoyment.

Tan songyun and Zhang Xincheng introduced the new play in the name of family. When asked about the ideal form outside the play, Tan songyun joked that if it rained, dont run to the street. Zhang Xincheng said that he only knew when he met it, but now there is no limit. Talking about the characters in the play, Tan songyun joked that his big brother worked as a dentist and his little brother as a dessert teacher, while I like to eat sweet food, and the two people worked together to earn the money I earned.

Not only that, Liu Tao, Li Guangming, Hu Ke and Jia Jinghui also publicized the new play the starting line, which focuses on childrens education. When it comes to whether or not to make up when going out, Liu Tao and Hu Ke all say no, saying its OK to wear comfortable clothes, while Li Guangming and Jia Jinghui say yes. When it comes to whether to arrange extra-curricular education for children at weekends, moms Liu Tao and Hu Ke say they must. If children like something, they must study in extra-curricular time. Li Guangming and Jia Jinghui say theyd better not arrange it. It seems that they are strict mothers and fatherly. In order to publicize the separation of the people, actors Zheng Yecheng and Hu Yixuan appeared in their wedding dresses and joked about whether they could back out. It is reported that there will be a series of works in the drama, such as dear self, on the one hand, in the name of family, on the starting line, etc.

Variety part: brother through thorns is coming. Yi Nengjing recommends Qin Hao to fight

With the launch of the variety show sister riding the wind and waves, it received a lot of praise. At the press conference, mang TV also announced two new variety shows on the spot, including brother conquering the thorns and journey of love and joy of flower and young sister by the group ensemble of sister group. On the day of the conference, 16 elder sisters, including Huang Shengyi, Yi Nengjing, Wanxi, Zhang Yuqi, LAN Yingying, Huang Ling, Hailu, Yu Kewei, and Jinsha, gathered for the first time. The first show of singing and dancing was used as the opening meeting of the whole promotion meeting, and the atmosphere exploded.

At the scene of the conference, Huang Ling, LAN Yingying, Li stenie and Meng Jia performed impromptu singing with Gai, and competed with priceless sister dance, Huang Ling sang a laugh in the sea, LAN Yingying taught Gai womens group dance on the spot, Li stenie showed rap, and Gai, who needed to give comments to their sisters, braved cold sweat. Recently, the popularity of sisters continues. At the conference, the producers said that they would launch a group ensemble of sisters who ride the wind and waves the journey of love and music of flower and young sister. The groups sister and dingliu little brother and different music producers will travel to draw music inspiration, and there will be five live roadshows and one ultimate concert.

Not only that, the meeting also revealed that it will launch a new variety show brother through difficulties. It is reported that brother through thorns is the derivative variety of sister. Its a war against dreams of 30 brothers. 30 brothers with dream of mens League will break through the limit and challenge themselves. After three months of accommodation training and theme assessment, the winning brother will come out in a group. Interestingly, hearing the news, Yi Nengjing shouted excitedly at the scene: I want my husband to be the first to sign up. She joked: the big revenge has been avenged. I feel ashamed that he secretly photographed me dancing and had a hot search.. Its my turn to whip him. Ill be strict with him.

It is reported that in addition to brother through thorns, this year mango TV will launch a series of comprehensive N-generation series, including star detective, daughters love, secret room big escape, friends listen well, all the way to adulthood, freshman diary, oops good figure, deformer, youth mango night, as well as super apprentice, little giant Sports meeting, friends on the island, my sisters group ensemble, little love song, go to adventure! u300bAnd other new variety shows will be launched one after another.