International Cruise Association: member cruise companies return to mid September

 International Cruise Association: member cruise companies return to mid September

On March 14 this year, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention issued a navigation ban on cruise ships departing from U.S. ports, which was extended to July 24 on April 9.

While we believe that future navigation will be healthy and safe and that adequate protective measures will be taken, we also believe that caution should be exercised to ensure the best interests of our passengers and crew. As a result, we decided to further extend the outage of cruise lines at US ports until September 15. For the rest of the time, we will be able to negotiate with the CDC on the appropriate measures for the final resumption of cruise operations. CLIA.

This voluntary extension applies to cruise ships that can carry 250 or more people from U.S. ports. CLIA member cruise companies will constantly assess the actual situation and determine whether further extensions are needed. The statement said.

CLIA members include most of the international brand cruise lines, such as jingdiamond cruise line, carnival cruise line, Celebrity Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean cruise line, Costa cruise line, crystal cruise line, disney cruise line, lotus cruise line, Mediterranean cruise line, Norwegian Cruise Line, ocean cruise line, Princess mail, Regent seven seas cruise line, wind star cruise line, etc. Cruise companies will continue to bear financial pressure.

However, cruise ships sailing from other parts of the world are not affected by the statement. Cruise companies in some European countries have been resuming their flights, such as the local cruise lines in Germany and France.

According to CLIA data, in 2018, the cruise industry provided more than 420000 jobs to the United States. In the United States, the stagnation of the cruise industry causes about $110 million in economic activity loss and 800 jobs loss every day.

For Australia, another big cruise industry country, another delay of cruise resumption will also bring huge losses.

According to aecgroup, an economic analysis and forecasting agency commissioned by the Oceania branch of the cruise International Association (CLIA), if the cruise ship stops in the current mid September and continues to the summer peak season in Australia, the economic loss in Australia will further increase. Cruise tourism provides 18000 jobs in Australia every year.

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