15 billion dragon! 5g giant clarifies: not the chip shareholder

 15 billion dragon! 5g giant clarifies: not the chip shareholder

Just been fried, the value of ZTE ah stock market has increased by 15 billion yuan in the last two days, of which H shares soared 21.98% on June 18.

Just clarified: design chip non manufacturing chip

On June 20, ZTE issued a clarification statement, saying that in recent years, a number of self media aimed at the mass production of ZTEs 7Nm chips, the information that 5nm chips began to import was misread, and some reports were inconsistent with the facts, causing trouble and impact on the normal operation of the company.

ZTE said that in the field of chip design, ZTE focuses on the design of communication chips and does not have the ability of chip production and manufacturing. In terms of chip production and manufacturing, we rely on global partners for division of production.

Stock price riots: market value soared by 15 billion yuan in two days

On June 17, ZTE said on the interactive platform that the company has the ability of chip design and development, with 7Nm chip scale mass production, which has been commercially used in the global 5g scale deployment, and 5nm chip technology is being imported.

On June 18, ZTEs ah changed, with H shares soaring 21.98% and a shares surging 6.62%; on June 19, ZTEs a shares continued to rise by more than 1%, and H shares fell back. In two trading days, the ah stock market value of ZTE increased from RMB 169.05 billion to RMB 184.066 billion, an increase of RMB 15 billion.

In response to the stock price riots on the 18th, ZTE insiders responded to the securities times u00b7 e company reporter that everything was normal and there was no event that might affect the stock price. For the news that ZTEs 5nm chip is being imported into the technology in interactive e-commerce on the 17th, the company said that the relevant information is not new, and the companys 2019 annual report has been disclosed.

On the morning of June 19, ZTE will hold the 2019 annual general meeting of shareholders. At the general meeting of shareholders, the president of the company also said that the company focuses on the design of communication chips and relies on the global supply chain for manufacturing.

General meeting of shareholders: focus on communication chip design and manufacturing relying on global supply chain

According to e company of securities times, at about 9:00 a.m. on June 19, ZTEs 2019 annual shareholders meeting was held on the fourth floor, block a, ZTE tower, Shenzhen, the headquarters of the company, with a total of more than 50 ZTE employees, shareholders, media and related staff on site.

Xu Ziyang said that ZTEs new generation of 5g wireless series chips and bearer switching network chips are flexible and efficient, with significant advantages in 5g feature support. The 7Nm chip is mass-produced and commercially available in the global 5g scale deployment. It is expected that the 5nm based chip released next year will bring higher performance and lower energy consumption. The company has previously said that its 5nm chip technology is being imported.

For 5g technology, Xu Ziyang said that ZTE has always been committed to innovation of 5g technology, continued to strengthen R & D investment in chips, algorithms, core technologies, architectures, etc., and built core competitive advantages at multiple levels such as standard patents, key technologies, product safety, etc.

According to the evaluation of authoritative third-party organizations, ZTE declared to ETSI more than 2500 necessary 5g standard patents, ranking in the top three in the world, Xu Ziyang said. In addition, in the past few years, ZTE has put forward more than 7000 proposals for 5g wireless access and 5g next generation core network, making its own contribution to the development of 3GPP related standards.

Lightning meeting of Chinas most powerful chip company: only 14 nm chips are produced at present

SMIC international lightning will cause concern. On June 19, SMICs initial application for science and technology innovation board passed smoothly. It took only 19 days from acceptance to meeting, setting the fastest record of science and technology innovation board company at present. At the same time, SMICs proposed fundraising of 20 billion yuan also set a new high for the technology innovation board company.

SMIC is the largest and most advanced wafer foundry in mainland China, providing wafer foundry and technical services for different technology nodes from 0.35 u03bc m to 14 nm. Wafer, generally speaking, is the basic raw material for making chips. Wafer foundry industry is specialized in semiconductor wafer manufacturing and manufacturing, which is commissioned by other chip design companies, with high capital and technical barriers.

In terms of industry structure, only TSMC, Intel and Samsung can provide advanced process technology (corresponding to Intel 10nm) of 7Nm and below. According to the research of Tuopu industry, in 2019, TSMCs market share of advanced process is 52%, Intels market share is about 25%, Samsungs market share is about 23%. In 2019, SMIC achieved 14nm technology level, lagging behind TSMC 2-3 generations, and is in the technical catch-up.

According to the prospectus of SMIC international, the companys newly issued 1.69 billion shares, with a financing scale of 20 billion yuan. The raised funds are planned to be invested in the ongoing 12 inch chip SN1 project (8 billion yuan), advanced and mature technology research and development project reserve funds (4 billion yuan), and replenished working capital (8 billion yuan).

Investors are worried that the stock price will fall next week

ZTE formally clarified over the weekend that chip design is not manufacturing, and some investors in the bar are worried that the stock price will be affected by the opening of next week.