Is there a girl who changes her beauty after having a baby? I believe it when I see Liu Shishi

 Is there a girl who changes her beauty after having a baby? I believe it when I see Liu Shishi

Liu Shishis frequent appearance after her comeback makes people think that she is somewhat different from before.

Liu Shishi is not the first beauty in the entertainment circle, but her delicate and elegant features and decent and generous temperament make people very comfortable. The former Liu Shishi has a cold temperament, like a fairy floating in the sky, which is unattainable. Now she is upgraded as a mother after childbirth, which makes people feel more calm, confident, elegant and intelligent.

Liu Shishis posture has always been a model in the entertainment circle. No matter what occasion, Liu Shishis sitting and standing posture are meticulous, and the appearance conditions are very superior. The slender swan neck, charming collarbone and temperament are very good.

A white dress of reemcacra, shining like a fairy falling into the world.

This feathered skirt dress for Valentino show is also impressive, full of Fairy Spirit, and very suitable for her.

A Georges chakra high set white fish tail fringe skirt, with diamond accessories, gentle and elegant fairy temperament, this state is really beautiful.

Dont think that she can only wear skirts full of Fairy Spirit, leisure clothes, full of youth, simple and comfortable image more like a fresh class pure college students.

Which style do you think is the most beautiful? Extended reading surprise! Depps ex-wifes marriage campaign with Tesla president and supermodel calador? Is it that ladies want to experience ordinary life when electric cars are made into luxury goods? She conquered the fastidious fashion circle by virtue of her beauty, which made her fall to the enemy at a glance. Source: Netease fashion editor in charge: Xie Yi_ NQ4682