Will Huang duocos be mocked this time?

 Will Huang duocos be mocked this time?

Many years ago, in the parent-child reality show, Duoduo showed her kind and gentle heart and knew how to take care of people around her. For her younger brother and sister, she was an excellent sister.

Once upon a time, Huang duo was questioned by many netizens as over mature because of his hair dyeing and ear piercing at a young age.

But at the same time, there are many people who say that in fact, our education for children has been lacking in the establishment and guidance of aesthetics, while Huang Duoduo is lucky to get the enlightened education from her parents. She has the right aesthetics and ability, which is a lucky and correct thing for a child.

As we all know, under the family education of Sun Li and Huang Lei, Huang Duoduo grew up in an atmosphere full of love and tolerance, which enables her to grow up healthily and freely.

It is everyones nature to love beauty, especially for the young people whose thinking ability is gradually established and developed. As long as there is correct guidance, on the basis of ensuring health and positive, and in the age range, appropriate dressing and training of artistic aesthetics and fashion appreciation, it is really worth advocating.

Source: Netease fashion editor: Liu Qianyi_ NB12476