SpaceX applies for telecommunication license to provide star chain Internet service for Canada

 SpaceX applies for telecommunication license to provide star chain Internet service for Canada

SpaceX is seeking a basic international telecommunications services (bits) license, which will authorize the company to transmit telecommunications traffic between Canada and another country, according to the Canadian radio, television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) website. The move could help the companys plans to bring high-speed Internet to remote areas of Canada.

SpaceX has launched several Starlink missions to send satellites into space and use them to provide high-speed broadband Internet services to areas that may not currently have access to the Internet.

SpaceXs website, which introduces the star chain program, also said the company plans to provide network services to the north of the United States and Canada in 2020, and expand rapidly to almost global coverage by 2021. SpaceX filed its application on May 20 and has submitted many supporting submissions to regulators.

Kenneth flake, a councillor in Pointe fortune, Quebec, Canada, said the lack of high-speed Internet severely limits the ability of communities to participate fully as members of society, including businesses, children and the elderly who may be isolated during the outbreak of the new crown.

I encourage the CRTC to accelerate its acceptance of this application for such services without delay, as it will also provide our community with the capacity to respond to and recover from the outbreak, frack wrote. As a whole, the SpaceX star chain Internet service project will benefit the most needy and disadvantaged people.

The deadline for CRTC to comment on SpaceXs application is Friday. SpaceX said it launched its eighth chain mission on June 3, including the first satellite with a deployable sun visor that blocks sunlight from reaching the brightest spots on the spacecraft. (small)

Source: Zhang Zutao, editor in charge of Netease Technology Report_ NT5054