25 years, this is the best domestic youth film

 25 years, this is the best domestic youth film

She is the Malena in this movie full of youth hormones, opening up a young mans whole fantasy about the adult world.

And this is full of youthful atmosphere of the domestic film, later never see.

Todays domestic youth movies have too many routines

In the past few years, the post-80s and post-90s seem to be in collective nostalgia. There are also a lot of domestic youth films in the name of Youth on the screen.

Adapted from popular songs, you at the same table, us later, the year in a hurry:

Chongqing, December 2011. How many people are like this girl? In autumn and winter, paper towels cant leave their hands / Vision China

Different time, place and characters have very similar elements - fighting in class and playing with cleverness to deal with teachers; the protagonists and heroines meet with each other like happy enemies; popular Jinqu memory killing; different roads are chosen on the graduation node (generally one of them is going abroad), and finally they split up.

Many years later, when they met, they mostly said, our youth is just lost to reality. The shining youth contrasts with the gray adult time.

This kind of plot is interesting for the first time. There are always several points in it that can stab you. I think its OK to see it twice. Who hasnt got Shen Jiayi or Chen Xiaozheng in his youth? For the third time, I felt a little indescribable. Until, when these plots appear for the nth time, finally someone is about to watch and throw up.

In these films, acting is an important behavior of the protagonist. The more the protagonist makes, the more the plot grasps the horse, and the more the youth hurts, the more he can earn tears.

Maybe there is no more made than this pair / to youth 2

Its not youth. Its a poor cook in a restaurant outside. In order to attract you in, what kind of material is needed to stimulate the dishes? The proportion hasnt been set up yet. The youth is green, confused, ambiguous, and the pains that growth must go through have become the assembly line: tearing x, college entrance examination, abortion early.

The story of youth is quite the same. In 1995s movie sunny days, Ma Xiaojun and his group are also the whole teacher, truancy, fighting, chasing girls, smoking and doing nothing every day.

The follow-up development of this plot is too anti climax / sunny days

Not only is the plot unimportant, but you may be sad to pay more attention to the plot, because people is the most important thing in this movie.

Because it is a subjective narrative of the first person, the audience is almost in the same time with Ma Xiaojun, a boy to an adult transition, experienced all the dreams, passion and disillusionment. This is not to be replaced by any twists and turns of the plot and desperately rendered emotions.

In the sunny days of Yangguan, a group of young people full of vitality gather together, fall in love, swim, play guitar and sing in the moonlight, and the youth breath spreads all over the roof like a poem.

This film is indeed the directors personal memory, but all its emotions are the common memory of people who have experienced youth. Everyone can find themselves in it [1].

After more than 20 years, the best domestic youth film is sunny days.

Sunny days is so special

In 2007, Jiang Wen referred to the box office of sunny days when he wrote the three men [2

The year before sunny days was released in mainland China, it also won the best actor award at Venice Film Festival, becoming the top 10 most important film of time magazine in 1995. But 1994-1995, in the world, is the big year of film.

Compared with the classic films made by the state-owned studios in the 1980s, many of the films made in the early 1990s were made from the market.

In 1984, the producer of the film loess land was Guangxi film studio / loess land

Although it took Jiang only 44 days to change Wang Shuos ferocious animals into a script, no one has invested in it. Until Liu Xiaoqing, who was also one of the producers of sunny days, found Hong Kong producer Wen Jun, and later came in two companies to raise a small sum of money. [1] In the middle of the way, I also experienced the storm of untimely fund delivery and withdrawal.

However, there is another important reason for the difficulty of film funding, which is Jiang Wens imagination.

Its more difficult than lack of money. Its winter in Beijing and summer in summer. In order not to let the air-conditioner out to help out, the actor not only needs to wear thin clothes, but also has an ice stick in his mouth and sucks up the hot air in his mouth. [4

In such a tough environment, we can still persist. Maybe only faith can describe the state of the whole cast. The eighties and nineties are not only the time after the sixties and seventies, when the creative power is the most vigorous, but also the time when the market is just emerging, and the market is eager for excellent creators.

Farewell my concubine, adapted from the novel of writer Li Bihua, has been commented that this is a novel that cant be shot wrong

He not only found Volcker schlondorf, the German director, for Jiang Wen, and brought resources for the post production of the film, but also wrote a long letter giving suggestions for the modification of the film, including cutting off the part of the adult Ma Xiaojun in the film. [1

Volcker schrondorf, whose most well-known work for domestic audiences is the 1979 classic Tin Drum and Tin Drum

When sunny days was released, it became an important cultural phenomenon at that time. Directed by big stars, it is one of the few films released in cinemas. The films set in the 1960s and 1970s tell a refreshing story. At the same time, it is also a movie that has just introduced Hollywood Sub Ledger blockbuster and sought market-oriented film market, beating Hollywood blockbuster.

Before 1995, the box office of Chinese films and the number of people watching films had declined for several consecutive years. In 1979, 29.3 billion people watched movies, 28 times per capita; in 1991, 14.4 billion people watched movies; in 1994, about 3 billion people watched movies. [5] In order to stimulate the market, at the end of 1994, the mainland finally introduced the first Hollywood ledger blockbuster.

When sunny days was released, there were also Lion King, Forrest Gump and true lies. At that time, the headline of Beijing newspaper was sunshine beat lies. [1

In this movie,

Jiang Wen condensed his memory into eternity

Some people are also online to analyze whether the whole movie is a dream, which is true, which is the dream of Ma Xiaojun.

In fact, it is not necessary to distinguish reality from fantasy in sunny days.

It is the kind of movie that is closest to dream.

This situation should be the fantasy of Ma Xiaojun

The ambiguity and vagueness in the dream is not only the film, but also the youth in the memory, the most attractive place:

The picture of Milan that Ma Xiaojun saw through the telescope may not be a swimsuit, but an ordinary black-and-white picture;

According to Jiang Wen, this picture is made of four films. One film takes four minutes, four films take 16 minutes, and the film takes 24 frames a second, which is equivalent to taking 23040 pictures. We can choose one of them and make a picture

People who really like this movie, once they fall into that world, it is difficult to judge whether the story is true and reasonable. Because it has been wrapped in the feelings and emotions of Ma Xiaojun (Jiang Wen).

It gives you reality, more of all the feelings of adolescence:

The whole movie is over exposed in a large area, and the smell of youth hormones in the screen is almost overflowing;

When Ma Xiaojun saw the photos of Milan for the first time through the telescope, he raised the telescope three times to see clearly where the photos were. The audience was dizzy with Ma Xiaojun, and was also brought into his subjective world;

The Intermezzo of muskanis the country Knight indicates that Ma Xiaojuns infatuated first love ended in nothing;

Even the movie gives you the smell of Burning Weeds in summer.

One of the most beautiful passages in the film

Geng Le later said in an interview that he was too young to understand many emotions in the film. Later, he found that he also had a college classmate. Like Ma Xiaojun, when he went to the girls dormitory to play, he fell on his favorite girls bed and tried his best to smell the smell of the bed sheets. At that time, I understood.. [4

The youth hormone in this movie will never go out of fashion, just like in the beautiful legend of Sicily, when Renato saw Malena, he would have all the palpitations. And this is very rare in domestic films.

Jiang Wen has always said that his films should be energetic, and the energy of sunny days may be the feeling when he just saw the novel ferocity of animals: like a needle pierced into my skin, blood pours out

As one of the most interpreted directors in China, fans like to find all kinds of colored eggs and metaphors in his films. They always feel that there may be private goods in the superficial lines and plots.

However, I dont think at least this movie has any private goods. As a first work, it is taken from ones most precious life experience, turned into an image, and then shared with all people:

At that time, the sun will always shine. I really want to turn the past into eternity and go back to that almost forgotten time together with the film. But life tells me that I have to grow up.


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