Joint statement on one belt, one road international cooperation video conference

 Joint statement on one belt, one road international cooperation video conference

3. The new coronavirus is a global challenge that needs to be addressed through global solidarity and multilateral cooperation. We recognize the central role of the United Nations system in promoting and coordinating a comprehensive global response to the spread of new coronavirus and the efforts of Member States, as well as the key leadership role of the World Health Organization.

4. We believe that there should be no discrimination, stigmatization, racism and xenophobia in response to the pandemic.

5. one belt, one road, one belt, one road, the other is the second cooperation forum. The cooperation spirit and cooperation principle embodied in the joint communiqu of the round table summit of the one belt and one way International Cooperation Summit Forum will continue to uphold the principle of sharing and sharing, and adhere to openness, green and integrity, and pursue high standards, benefit peoples livelihood and sustainable development, and promote the construction of a high-quality one by one with high quality.

1u3001 Building a healthy Silk Road

6. We support each others efforts to fight the epidemic, and will cooperate to cope with, control and defeat the epidemic through timely sharing of necessary information, experience and best practices in epidemic diagnosis and treatment, strengthening and upgrading the capacity of public health system, promoting dialogue among health experts, and providing assistance to countries in need. We encourage countries to establish joint prevention and control mechanisms at bilateral, regional and international levels when necessary.

7. We emphasize that fair access to health products is a global priority, and we are committed to enhancing the availability, accessibility and affordability of quality and reliable health products, especially vaccines, drugs and medical supplies that are essential to the response to the epidemic. In this regard, we welcome and appreciate the mutual support and help provided by the partners, the strengthening of the global humanitarian emergency warehouse by the United Nations, and the establishment of regional institutions or material storage centers for the rapid deployment of medical personnel or materials by the countries concerned. We believe that vaccines should be used as global public goods.

8. We call for investment in sound and resilient health infrastructure, including the development of telemedicine. We will provide one belt, one road medical worker and the other citizens who are involved in the one belt and other cooperative projects, according to their own laws and regulations and within their respective capabilities.

2u3001 Strengthen connectivity

9. We believe that building a global connectivity partnership on the basis of openness, inclusiveness and transparency will bring opportunities to all parties and play an active role in fighting against the epidemic, coping with the impact of the epidemic and restoring sustainable economic and social development. We support the construction of a comprehensive and complex infrastructure interconnection pattern and sustainable transportation system, encourage countries to develop mutually compatible and multimodal transportation, develop cross-border and cross regional transportation and logistics channels, and enhance the connectivity of countries in the air, land and sea. We believe that transportation infrastructure projects and cross regional transportation and logistics channels such as land, air and sea routes play an important role in delivering anti epidemic medical materials, equipment, food, major agricultural products and other important commodities, ensuring supply chain, promoting smooth international trade, and ensuring peoples livelihood and economic development needs. Once the conditions permit, we will cooperate to keep the above channels open or restore them.

10. We reaffirm our support for the construction of high-quality, reliable, risk-resistant and sustainable infrastructure, and ensure that it is feasible, affordable, accessible and widely beneficial throughout the entire cycle, contributing to the sustainable development of participants and industrialization of developing countries.

11. We welcome the efforts to restore the flow of people across the border in an orderly and gradual manner on the basis of strictly taking necessary epidemic prevention and control measures. We support countries in need to carry out bilateral and multilateral cooperation through the establishment of corresponding cooperation networks, including establishing as soon as possible, under convenient circumstances, a fast channel to facilitate the exchanges between business personnel and professionals and technicians participating in international development cooperation projects, as well as a green channel to facilitate the cross-border flow of goods. We encourage relevant measures to be taken in this regard, including communication and coordination to promote mutual recognition of health testing and epidemic prevention arrangements agreed by relevant departments of various countries.

12. We support a universal, rule-based, open, transparent and non discriminatory multilateral trading system with the World Trade Organization at its core. We call for maintaining the stability of regional and global industrial and supply chains, including the normal flow of goods, services and people, while helping affected industries and economies. We stress the importance of fair competition and intellectual property protection.

14. we support one belt, one road dialogue and exchange on major development strategies, plans and policies, including strengthening the coordination of the one belt road initiative with other national, regional and international development strategies, projects or initiatives. We encourage and support policies conducive to the development of industry and commerce, especially SMEs and vulnerable industries. We have also noted the efforts of some countries to gradually restore the tourism industry on the basis of good epidemic prevention and control measures. We stress that strengthening cooperation in human resource development, education and vocational training will enhance the ability of the people to meet the challenge of the epidemic. We are committed to the implementation of the United Nations 2030 agenda for sustainable development and the Paris Agreement on climate change, and in this regard to the special needs of the least developed countries and landlocked developing countries. We welcome the one belt, one road international cooperation of the United Nations system.

15. We welcome the G20 debt relief initiative to promote economic recovery and sustainable development of the least developed countries.

4u3001 Promote practical cooperation

16. we will continue one belt, one road, and the other, we will continue to push forward the construction of the economic and transportation corridors, the economic and trade cooperation zones and the practical cooperation projects under the framework of one belt and one road, and play their role in promoting economic growth, social development and peoples livelihood.

17. one belt, one road, one belt, one road, is the most important one. We attach importance to the sustainability of the one way cooperation project in the economic, social, financial, financial and environmental aspects. We call on all market participants to carry out corporate social responsibility and abide by the United Nations Global Compact.

18. we are ready one belt, one road partner to continue to implement the second summit consensus, and promote bilateral, three and multilateral cooperation in the fields of development policy docking, infrastructure investment, economic corridor, economic and trade cooperation zone, industrial park, financial and trade cooperation, innovation and technology, maritime cooperation, business and industrial contacts, and cultural exchanges. We encourage all parties to provide a good business environment for promoting trade, investment and industrial cooperation.

19. We will carry out mutually beneficial cooperation based on the people-centered concept. We reaffirm that it is our common responsibility to promote peace, development and human rights, promote win-win cooperation and respect the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and international law; to achieve strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth of the world economy and improve the quality of peoples lives are our common goals; and to build a community of common destiny for a prosperous and peaceful world is our common aspiration.

*Ministers of foreign affairs or other departments of Belarus, Cambodia, Chile, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Serbia, Singapore, Tajikistan, Thailand, UAE, Uzbekistan. Russian Foreign Minister delivered a written speech to the meeting.