What to do after the secondary response is restarted? Here comes the official reply

 What to do after the secondary response is restarted? Here comes the official reply

Question 1: facing the end of the term, how to arrange the review examination?

Answer: no final examination will be conducted for the first, second and third grades of primary school; for other grades of primary school, it is suggested to organize online and offline examination and investigation for students; for middle school students, it is suggested that schools should explore and reasonably design various forms to conduct final examination and investigation for students in combination with teaching progress.

At present, all schools have entered the normal online teaching. Beijing Municipal Education Commission requires that students online and offline learning should be smoothly connected, stable and orderly, and should not speed up the progress and increase the learning burden of students. For the third year of junior high school and the third year of senior high school, each school in each district should formulate a special work plan, and do a good job of online tutoring, question answering and simulation exercises in the last stage before the entrance examination.

The school staff should perform their duties normally. Schools should guide teachers to do a good job of psychological guidance for students. Teachers should talk and communicate with each student in various ways to understand their childrens ideological situation in the context of major epidemic changes.

We should adhere to the system of daily health reports for teachers and students. In particular, students in grade three and senior three should know the physical condition of the family members living together with the students, their temperature, diagnosis, suspected and close contact changes.

Family members should pay special attention to safety protection and try not to go out to avoid the risk of cross infection. At the same time, we should keep moderate exercise, reasonable work and rest, scientific diet, and enhance resistance and immunity.

In addition, schools that have not yet completed the enrollment registration of compulsory education should take the online approach. If offline audit is really needed, it can only be carried out with the permission of epidemic prevention and control conditions.

Question 2: how long will online learning last? What should parents pay attention to?

Answer: we also need to make double preparations for online and offline learning next semester. Beijing Municipal online high-quality curriculum resources continue to be provided to ensure uninterrupted teaching. According to the teaching plan, each district and school will organize students to watch selectively, and teachers of each school will cooperate with tutors to answer questions; it can also be used as a demonstration course for teaching and research.

Restart the online Q & a service of junior high school and senior high school to ensure that students can study and review at home. Since June 17, we will continue to provide online Q & A services for junior and senior three students in the city, and provide diversified and personalized services for students to study and review at home.

In particular, parents should be reminded not to take their children to densely populated public places and try to reduce family gatherings and outings. If there are examinees at home, parents or family members living together, they should be more strict in epidemic prevention, wear masks, wash hands frequently and do not cross. If parents go out to work, they must do a good job in epidemic prevention.

It needs to be emphasized that parents should see a doctor in time if they feel uncomfortable. In addition to the protection and isolation, the school shall be informed as soon as possible and joint prevention and control shall be carried out. Individuals, families and schools should keep in touch to jointly ensure the physical and mental health of students home-based learning.

Question 3: is there any change in the arrangement of summer vacation in primary and secondary schools?

Answer: at present, all the middle, small and young children in the city have achieved a clean school. Physically, every child is safely isolated at home.

According to the published time, the summer vacation is still from July 11 to September 1, with no change.

Question 4: what are the arrangements for college students to return to school?

Reply: at present, the return of college students in spring semester has been completely stopped, and students have been informed of one-to-one and point-to-point.

According to Beijings unified requirements, we should further investigate the weak links in campus prevention and control, and organize special forces to carry out environmental killing in an all-round way. School management and business stall owners should be included in the scope of detection and complete nucleic acid detection as soon as possible. In addition, we should also do a good job in the storage of school epidemic prevention materials such as masks and killing items.

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