3200 u33a1 football field transformer detection point for DNA detection of 100000 people in Xicheng, Beijing

 3200 u33a1 football field transformer detection point for DNA detection of 100000 people in Xicheng, Beijing

Beijing Daily reported on June 20 that 3200 square meters football field was transformed into a nucleic acid detection point, and Xichengs epidemic prevention efforts were renewed. From the entrance, it is divided into one meter line, eight channels for detection, and five medical staff for information verification This morning, the nucleic acid detection point of Xinjiekou football field in Xinjiekou Street of Xicheng District officially opened the whole nucleic acid detection for 96000 permanent residents in the street. At the same time, the total number of nucleic acid detection sites in Xicheng has reached 100000.

The football field covers an area of 3200 square meters and is one of the largest open places in the street. On June 16, Beijing raised the emergency response level of public health emergencies from level 3 to level 2. In order to prevent and control the epidemic, Xinjiekou Street, with the assistance of the district health and Health Commission and other units, set up the nucleic acid detection point in 12 hours, and officially put into use on June 17.

In a few days, we have completed the nucleic acid detection work of residents who have been to the new place through big data screening, about 1200 people. At 9:00 a.m. on June 20, residents from the community lined up for entrance. The reporter noticed that five medical staff along each channel checked the information of the testing personnel, labeled the testing form, labeled the test tube, tested and guided them to leave. The whole process was fast and orderly, taking Xinjiekou City Forest Park as the entrance and the east side of the north entrance of dongzhanghutong as the exit to ensure one-way flow of personnel Move, dont go back.

The detection points are divided into collection area and waiting area, and the closely connected urban forest park is set as a buffer area to effectively disperse the density of collection personnel.

We changed three schemes, set up the testing point and carried out the drill the night before, and finally determined the strict and fast testing process. Xiao Cunli, the person in charge of the detection at the detection point, said.

There are 80 medical staff responsible for the inspection on site. In each passage and zone, there are also members of the youth commando team in Xinjiekou Street to assist in the inspection and registration.

We are all young cadres under the age of 35 in the street. They put into work on the day of construction. More than 50 people work two shifts a day. Relevant person in charge said.

It is understood that at present, according to the situation of community residents every morning, about 600 people in the two communities are arranged for testing, and 21 communities alternate. It is estimated that the sampling task can be completed at least 800 person times per hour at the testing point, effectively reducing the waiting time of personnel.

Next, according to the actual needs, Xinjiekou Street will further improve the service guarantee work of the sampling point, improve the emergency response capacity, ensure that the sampling point operates well all day and all time, and it is expected to complete the detection task of residents in the whole street in about 10 days.

Up to now, Xicheng District Health Committee has set up more than 1500 nucleic acid detection and sampling teams. 34 sampling points for nucleic acid detection have been set up in the whole region, and more than 100000 people have been sampled in total.

At each centralized sampling point, tents shall be set up, sufficient food, cooling facilities, drinking water and other materials shall be prepared, and medical personnel shall be sent to communities, hospitals and other places for rest according to the principle of proximity; the protection of medical personnel shall be strengthened, and two-hour rotation of each group shall be adopted to comprehensively guarantee the service of medical personnel.

Next, the health system of Xicheng will further optimize the resource strength and the process of collection, transportation and inspection, improve the efficiency, implement the detailed work requirements, and effectively ensure the safety of peoples lives.

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