How will Wu xiongang win?

 How will Wu xiongang win?

1. Do you know that apple, Huawei, Samsung and other giants have to pay a licensing fee to arm company in the UK for every mobile phone they sell? Arm company is a company that cant be bypassed by chip companies all over the world, so this change of leadership will cause such widespread concern.

2. Who will spend the last time in China?

Arm company is a well-known chip architecture company in the world. 95% of mobile phones and tablet computers in the world use arm architecture chips.

As a joint venture established by arm in China, arm China (i.e. anmou Technology (China) Co., Ltd.) recently broke out a dispute over the control of the company.

On June 10, arm global announced to remove Wu xiongang, chairman and CEO of arm China. After that, anmou China issued a statement saying that the accusations against Wu xiongang were completely unnecessary and the recall resolution was invalid.

In just a few days, arm global and arm China issued four statements and a joint letter.

What kind of company is arm China behind several reversals? Who is Wu xiongang? Will the fate of arm and Chinas chip semiconductor industry be affected?


Arm China, is it a Chinese company?

Arm does not produce chips by itself. Its business model is IP licensing. Through intellectual property licensing, arm collects one-time technology licensing fees and royalties.

According to IHS, arm chips account for 30% of total semiconductor market sales, double Intels.

From 2002, Huawei Hisilicon entered into the Chinese market. Today, it is in 2004 that Huawei Hisilicon signed the first intellectual property rights licensing agreement with arm, which currently has more than 200 Chinese partners.

In 2016, Softbank acquired arm at a high price of US $32 billion; in 2018, Softbank sold 51% of arms subsidiary in China to houan innovation fund jointly managed by Hopu investment and arm, and its sponsors include many investors such as CIC, silk road fund, Singapore Temasek company, Shenzhen Shenye group, etc.

In April 2016, arm Chinas joint venture officially began to operate. Its main body is anmou China. Wu xiongang is the executive chairman and CEO, and anmou China has become a joint venture.

Arm China is already a Chinese company, a local company in Shenzhen. Welcome to join arm China, Wu said in public

However, armlimited is the main patent registrant of arm in China. According to tianyancha data, there are 169 patents under the name of anmou China, while armlimited has more than 3000.

Although the company structure of arm China seems to be similar to that of many similar joint ventures, with China accounting for more than 50% of the shares, Chinese capital is scattered in the hands of several companies and does not have an absolute advantage. In fact, the majority shareholder is armlimited.

Fierce and powerful Wu xiongang

On June 15, the arm China management team issued a joint letter to support Wu xiongang, chairman and CEO of arm China. The joint letter fully affirmed Wu xiongangs contribution to arm China: in the past two years, arm Chinas revenue and profits have reached a new high every year, and its business scale has grown rapidly, which has been recognized by many shareholders. As the leader of the team, everything Allen does with you is for the better development of arm ecology and arm China.

Arm China Co branding source / arm China official wechat

According to public information, Wu has a very beautiful degree: Masters degree in electronic engineering and bachelors degree in electronic engineering from the University of Michigan, rattan University, MBA from Haas business school, University of Berkeley, California, and graduation certificate of executive program of Stanford Business School.

Looking at Wu xiongangs resume, it also reveals his excellence. He joined arm in 2004, initially from sales, rose to general manager of arm China in 2009, rose to President of Greater China in 2013, and joined arm Global Executive Committee in 2014, becoming a member of arms top decision-making level in the world.

At the same time, there are many mysteries hanging over Wu xiongang. For example, what is his academic background and experience before college? The outside world knows little about it. A media person who once contacted Wu xiongang told the IT times that Wu was from Nanjing and naturalized in the United States after studying abroad. People are very easygoing, but the overall westernized way is quite obvious. When I first contacted Wu, I thought he was a foreigner.

Wu xiongang, who keeps a low-key and mysterious attitude to the outside world, shows the other side of being fierce, powerful and wolf like in the industry. It is recalled by the Chinese people of arm that the company needs to make a small decision. The Chinese company doesnt need 3 minutes to make a decision. The headquarters of arm will come and go for three months to make a decision. According to other reports, both arm UK and Hopu investment are not satisfied with him, believing that his power is unrestricted and he often makes decisions without authorization.

According to Caixin, Wu xiongang, without fully informing the shareholders, reached cooperation with the arm brand outside, including landing in the arm Western R & D center and integrated circuit design center in Chengdu. Previously, the shareholders had made commitments with the Shenzhen Municipal Government for landing in China, but Wu xiongang did not implement them. Both arm global and Hopu investment are not satisfied with Wu xiongang, arguing that his power is no longer restricted by shareholders.


Huawei has nothing to do with the change

Although Huawei has obtained the permanent authorization of armv8, the CPU and GPU of Kirin chip adopt the arm public version architecture, while the R & D team of the ARMA series public version CPU and GPU is mainly located in Austin, USA. the generations after A76 are from this team. As a result, the U.S. embargo is not entirely invalid for arm.

Compared with the uncertain attitude of arm global, arm Chinas attitude towards Huawei is relatively firm. At a media communication meeting in 2019, arm China confirmed that the cooperation with Huawei will continue. Both the current V8 architecture and the subsequent architecture can continue to authorize Chinese customers including Huawei on the premise of compliance.

In addition to promoting the implementation of arms own products in China, arm China has also developed applicable IP according to the original plan, and launched three self-developed product lines of artificial intelligence IP, CPU and Internet of things security.

What will be the impact on ARM China if the technology of arm Limited is cut off or withdrawn in the future? In this regard, Zhang Guobin said frankly that arm China cant survive completely independent. If it still cant get the support of major shareholders and the conflict continues to escalate, arm China team may still face the risk of being laid off.

Source: responsible editor of it times: Zhang Zutao_ NT5054