China Mobile releases the first ONAP Frankfurt version for 5g slice management

 China Mobile releases the first ONAP Frankfurt version for 5g slice management

The Frankfurt release marks another important milestone in the development of ONAP platform. Chris rice, senior vice president of at & T network infrastructure and cloud, said, Frankfurts continued focus on security and stability ensures that operators are confident that ONAP will be the basis of their network automation platform, and improvements in ease of use and user experience make the deployment of ONAP applications easier for new operators.

Arpit joshipura, general manager of Linux network foundation and Linux edge computing foundation, said ONAP has broken through a key turning point in deployment and business applications. ONAP has become the mainstream. In the Frankfurt version, it brings a series of main functions and blueprints about the global 5g deployment expansion. At present, Linux foundation is actively coordinating its relevant foundations to jointly promote the future cooperation planning of telecom network, cloud native, edge computing, etc., which I am very proud of.

Linux network foundation LFN is the worlds largest telecom network open source community jointly led by China Mobile, at & T and other international mainstream operators, covering the core components of management and arrangement software ONAP, SDN controller opendaylight, integrated test project opnfv, and is committed to providing operators with end-to-end open source software solutions tailored for SDN / nfv networks. The self-developed products such as choreographer, controller and integration test tool based on community core component incubation have been applied in some provinces and cities of China Mobile.

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