How can mango super media catch up after sister has raised the market value by 15 billion

 How can mango super media catch up after sister has raised the market value by 15 billion

In the first quarter of 2020 network variety show, mango TVs variety content has a good performance in watching time, broadcast volume, Douban score and other data. Mango TV works occupy 5 places in the top 10 programs of the whole network variety show. In February this year, the variety show please listen to me friends launched online has been broadcast for 2.8 billion times, generating about 170 full-end hot searches, and Douban rating has also remained at the high segment of 8.5-9.5, becoming the representative of high-profile pop-up works in the first half of this year.

Just launched the second episode of the program, sister breaking the waves has been viewed 540 million times, which has triggered a high degree of discussion throughout the network since its launch. At present, the program has read more than 10 billion topics on Weibo. The popularity of the program also attracted the attention of capital. Mango super media rose for five consecutive trading days after the program was launched. The cumulative stock price rose by about 28%, and the market value rose by about 15.6 billion yuan.

According to reports released by several securities companies, the strong broadcast data of sister in the wind and waves may lead to rapid growth in the number of members and payment rate of mango TV. Baidu Index shows that on the day of the program, the search volume of the keyword Mango TV member increased nearly seven times.

Ride the wind and waves the elder sister, and also the product of the users TV platform and official WeChat official account. This is a direct economic transformation of the program effect. According to new era securities, the peripheral products of variety show are the production chain and consumption chain based on fans love for stars, programs and the items appearing in the program, which improves the economic benefits of variety show.

For the combination of variety and e-commerce, Kaiyuan Securities believes that damang plan will form a catalytic reaction of IP + KOL + brand in terms of pop-up variety, e-commerce retail and brand marketing, and the content production capacity embodied in high-quality variety can provide a basis for in-depth exploration of IP value and Realization of all-round fan operation. Whether the new business mode of variety + bringing goods can realize the commercialization and Realization of content flow, we need to pay attention to whether the sister who is riding the wind and waves and the variety artists who are chasing after the victory can stimulate the consumption demand of the core audience.