Japanese media: why can the market value of Chinas Maotai exceed that of Toyota?

 Japanese media: why can the market value of Chinas Maotai exceed that of Toyota?

In fact, the official price of Maotais representative commodity Feitian (53 u00b0 500ml package) is 1499 yuan, which is relatively high. This series accounts for about 90% of Maotais operating revenue, which is clearly demarcated from the low price route for young people.

Originally, the liquor produced by Moutai is a representative liquor used for reception and gift giving. Chinas proposed thrift order after 2013 has led to a sharp drop in demand. At present, the outstanding performance of Maotai is supported by the speculative demand of consumers and specialty stores who are flocking to buy Feitian. They think they can earn the difference by reselling when demand recovers. Feitian in China, like high-end wine, prices rise with the passage of time.

The reporter visited the liquor stores in Guangzhou, and there were several bottles of Feitian supplied in 2020 on the counter, with no price. The shop assistant said that if the price of 2700 yuan was 80% higher than the official price, he would sell it, and said, I dont know the price for tomorrow. The price of other stores can only be determined after confirming the market.

After 2000, with the development of Chinas economy, the demand for alcohol increased. Liquor enterprises regard this as a business opportunity. Wuliangye and other enterprises in Yibin, Sichuan Province have expanded the alcohol degree, taste and price, and rapidly expanded the commodity line. But Moutai invests management resources to the high price Feitian and adopts the counter trend sales strategy of adjusting supply. It has also taken tough measures such as reducing supply to retail stores that sell Moutai products at low prices. As a result, other companies have left the impression of shoddy, while Maotai has succeeded in building the image of a luxury brand.

At present, excessive speculation may cause consumers to stay away from Maotai. In addition, if the peoples Bank of China reduces the capital supply in the future, Chinas stock market may also wake up from drunkenness. (by bineitian youyou)