My friend died suddenly this morning at the age of 28.

 My friend died suddenly this morning at the age of 28.

At the just concluded NPC and CPPCC meetings, Robin Li of Baidu, NetEase of Ding Lei, Lei Jun of millet and Dong Mingzhu of GREE all appeared.

Only a familiar figure disappeared -- Ma Huateng, a Tencent tycoon.

Seven proposals were submitted, but no one could see them.

Soon, people familiar with the matter revealed that Ma Huateng was recovering from a recurrent waist disease.

In fact, six years ago, he had two lumbar surgeries.

After the second operation, I could only lie on my back and work with my laptop.

At that time, he was only 42 years old.

The operation made him feel:

Never again, as long as you are in business, dont be healthy.

After that, he stayed on a high intensity and intensive journey.

Often at three or four oclock in the middle of the night, still discussing work with the employees.

First, last Octobers Wuzhen Internet Conference, then the Tencent party at the end of the year, now the two sessions in May

Its a mystery when pony will be back.

Youth is capital is really misunderstood.

Youth is just youth. Its capital to keep it young.

How many young people:

While joking, dare not see the physical examination report;

On the one hand, it has become a fat house addicted to games and junk food.

Brush other peoples fitness videos while lying in bed;

One side in the comment area from the black collection = practice..

The capital of youth is being squandered by countless people.

A few days ago, a high school classmate made a circle of friends and took a photo of his head a year ago and now.

Hes only in his 20s!

We are impressed by the big body, thick hair, good basketball, push ups, pull ups, marathons as a regular energy boy.

Feeling the situation was serious, he panicked and immediately began to run and exercise, adjusting his mind and work.

Under the circle of friends, many students asked him about the secret recipe of raw hair. He only replied six words:

Later I learnedu2014u2014

After a long time of death, the body began to retaliate.

And there are a lot of young people like him with red lights on.

The main health problems of the post-90s include:

Skin diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, sleep, hair loss and even psychological diseases.

After staying up late, even the foundation is covered with dark circles and blain.

The hair that anxious insomnia falls, the cat that raises falls more than;

Long term point take out, resulting in glass stomach and swimming circle;

Stare at the mobile phone for a long time, eyes dry

Indeed, the post-90s are too difficult:

Compared with other age groups, the post-90s have the greatest pressure on their life and career.

They ridiculed themselves as social animals, sacrificed their dignity to make a full monthly salary, and regarded 996 as a tacit norm.

The only life tonic is bedtime.

As a result, they stay up late for revenge, eat takeout full of heat bombs, and brush funny videos.

Not willing to let go of every minute of entertainment and rest.

Take time to get fit? Lazy to move.

The post-90s are the least active of all ages, according to the report.

Only 51% of the post-90s social animals have wechat daily average steps of more than 5000.

In the words of netizens:

I dont exercise as much as my mother..

Its a dead cycleu2014u2014

Work too busy, only personal time and want to enjoy themselves, exercise and fitness too tired, bad habits of nature.

The most common was staying up late (45.5%);

The second was drinking sugary drinks (30.7%), junk food (35.3%), smoking (6.6%) and frequent drinking (3.1%).

Eat badly, sleep late and move less.

Even, cases of sudden death of young people caused by staying up late in a row occur frequently, which makes people sigh.

A few days ago, a friend of Weibo said in the middle of the night:

You never know which comes first, tomorrow or accident.

Asked to know that a friend of hers died suddenly at home, only 28 years old this year.

That good friend was like many people before he died:

Boil the most ruthless night, apply the most expensive mask, side 996, while holding the thermos cup said health.

From time to time, I should buy a sudden death of baldness insurance.

Who knows, a word is a prophecy.

Accidents sometimes come so suddenly.

Being young does not mean having the privilege of wantonly overdrawing your health.

Chinese people are famous for their hard work.

A recent report from the U.S. Bureau of statistics showed that Chinas labor participation rate reached an astonishing 76%.

In particular, the labor participation rate of 25-60 years old is as high as 90%, far higher than other countries.

Like the United States, only 65% and Japan, only 58%.

India, like China, is a populous country with a labor participation rate of only 55%.

In order to be better and more competitive.

Everyone is running forward desperately for fear of being left behind.

Its a good goal to be excellent, but its not wise to sacrifice your health in order to be excellent.

In class, she suddenly wanted to cough and borrowed a tissue from her classmates.

After coughing, I found that paper towels and hands were full of blood!

She rushed into the bathroom and went straight to the toilet, coughing more violently.

Finally, more than half of the toilet spits out blood.

When she was sent to the hospital, she coughed up blood again and blocked the toilet beside the X-ray room.

The doctors were petrified.

This series of carnage happened in just three days!

Looking back on the pace of life in the past few years, she realized:

Maybe Im too desperate.

Intensive courses, heavy homework, and several part-time jobs, participating in the project operation of international institutions

Excellent, capable, young and promising, but cancer still found the door.

Every day, I watch TV plays, brush my mobile phone, and Im in a daze.

You see, the time that used to be gained by crushing the body madly must be returned in another way.

Theres so much time for work and study in ones life, why rush to squeeze yourself out in the first half of life.

When did you realize that the body is the capital of revolution?

It is said that when the physical examination of Tsinghua requires students to run 3km;

Some people say that when I am reluctant to buy what I like for a few months and spend all my time on a disease;

Some people say that they didnt earn much money on the night shift. When they were sick, they put all the money into the payment Office of the hospital.

No matter what age or job you are engaged in, always remember one thing:

Your body is really not as resistant to tossing as you think.

Turn the sleeping time forward one hour.

Reduce the intake of junk food and drink less sugary drinks;

If you are not happy, go to exercise and sweat;

Wait for the figure and look to get better, buy yourself a beautiful dress that you have been interested in for a long time.

Please, love yourself!

There is a long way to go. Dont lose your health if you lose anything.