The 15th day Miao Kexin left: who is splashing dirty water on the children?

 The 15th day Miao Kexin left: who is splashing dirty water on the children?

Education Bureau of Jintan District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, announced an investigation into yuan dengmei, a teacher involved.

Over the past 10 days, we have seen the grief of a family who has lost their children, and we have also waited for the accountability and investigation of teachers.

But it is not enough for this matter to find out who is wrong.

Because we found that this society, the protection of a child, is full of holes.

Every time something happens to a child, I want to ask:

In order to avoid the next time, we must do something else, right?

When reading the article, remember to listen to the song above, every child should be loved!

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In the afternoon of June 4, Miao Kexin was corrected by yuan dengmei, a teacher, and asked to rewrite her composition three dozen white bone essence readings. After that, she crossed the teacher, ran out of the classroom, climbed over the railings, and fell to the ground and died.

When the netizen doubted that there were other reasons for the child to make such a decision, the teacher replied that he did not scold Miao Kexin or cross out the large paragraphs in Miao Kexins composition. He just wrote five words of transfer positive energy

On Kexins exercise book, there are traces of her revising the composition many times, as well as two torn pages of paper.

According to Mr. Yuan dengmei, she let the unfinished students stay and let the finished ones go to the bathroom.

In those few minutes, the last thing happened.

u25b2 according to the process of monitoring the excerpt, Miao Kexins father

In the surveillance, Miao Kexins father found that she had a few seconds of hesitation before the child fell.

On June 16, Miao Kexins mother issued a long article, stop splashing dirty water on children! u300b, describe the experience and feelings during this period.

I read it in tears. Obviously, a mother tried her best to restrain her words. What she wanted was just an explanation.

In the long essay, Miao Kexins mother said that 15 seconds after Kexin fell from the building, a teacher arrived at the scene.

But Miaos mother didnt receive yuans voice call until 27 minutes later.

The call is only 20 seconds.

On the phone, yuan dengmei said only three words:

In the police station, they were repeatedly asked about Miao Kexins state before her death.

They were interrogated for three hours and didnt see the last face of their child until 9 p.m.

To this day, Miao Kexins parents have been looking for an answeru2014u2014

Why did Miao Kexin fall?

But the answer is far away.

They turn to friends for help again and again, hoping for help from people who know them. As a result, they are removed from the class group.

More than 10 days later, nothing happened in front of the school gate.

Miao Kexin is gone.

Stop splashing dirty water on the children!

Just after the incident, the chat information of Miao Kexins class parents was sent to the Internet.

In this group of parents, after everyone had heard about the death of Miao Kexin, some people suggested that Miss yuan dengmei was not wrong.

Like it when its full.

I dont know what these parents are for, but I look at a screen of approval, and my hair stands on end.

Teachers mistakes are not bad. There will be survey results to announce. But when facing a childs life passing away, immediately praise and distinguish right from wrong. Is it an adults behavior?

I feel cold for the indifference.

Miao Kexins mother wrote in the long article that she didnt reply to the inquiry after notifying the child to be sent to the hospital; she didnt say hello when she met her at the police station; she continued to have classes the next day:

On the other hand, the sounds of rationality appear on the Internet:

They said, its all blaming the teacher, so we can see what kind of parents are in the comments.

If you dont carve, you wont make it I dont think the teacher has done anything wrong. u300du2014u2014

I used to be a teacher, but I havent heard of any kind of carving;

What kind of teacher, think a child is gone, parents break down heartbroken, the first reaction should be that he got into trouble?!

Yes, the evidence is here. Miao Kexins opinion in this composition is indeed a copy of Baidus answer.

But as Miao Kexins mother said:

Besides, what does it have to do with the death of the child?

Why does a child have an accident, and someone will find a reason for it? When did our demands for a child become so mean? What makes us look forward to a perfect child?

I cant agree.

Accountability teachers should, but not enough

Tiktok, who was educated at the riverside primary school and was educated by Yuan teacher, reported on Yuans teachers accountability, including yuan, who had been punished by friends and WeChat, and had reported corporal punishment and insulting behavior to them.

Under the pressure of public opinion, yuan dengmei finally admitted that he did beat Miao Kexin:

During that period, Miao Kexins learning attitude was sloppy, and her grades declined. Once, when correcting exercises, I found that Miao Kexin missed to do it. In a hurry, I slapped the child in the face.

As early as 2015, the Ministry of education has made clear regulations:

It is strictly prohibited for public teachers in primary and secondary schools to organize, recommend and induce students to take part in paid supplementary courses inside and outside the school.

Yuan dengmei obviously violated the rules.

Parents know that yuan dengmeis actions are still tolerant and obedient; the school has long known that yuan dengmeis illegal operation, and still affirmed yuan dengmeis teaching experience;

What a magic realism.

Looking back at the quote from the child, I have mixed feelings.

In todays society, some people look good on the surface, but their hearts are dark. They will use all kinds of despicable means and intrigues to achieve their hidden goals.

If she has the chance to grow up, if, then she will look back on this period of time, and understand that the hypocrisy written by adults on paper may only be a smile, or a sad sigh

But she doesnt have this if.

What can we do to protect our children?

102 years ago, there was a saying in Lu Xuns Diary of madmen:

Unexpectedly, 102 years later, the strength of these sentences is still like listening to thunder in silence.

There is no doubt that 100 years later, the progress is obvious to all.

But we havent worked hard enough.

There is a catchphrase on the Internet, called the world is not worth it, which is very disliked.

Because in my opinion, for every child, the human value is not worth it, always depends on how we do it.

You know, teachers and parents should be the dawn of their children.

What we need to blame must be those who impose violence (whether physical or mental bullying):

Some teachers really cant teach, let alone educate people. They commit crimes by virtue of their status authority, but they get away from the punishment because of various kinds of shielding;

Some parents dont realize that its frustration education, but they dont know. These are just indelible wounds for children;

What needs to be adjusted is the supervision of the school, the examination of teachers psychology and the current imperfect legal and regulatory mechanism.

After that, many people began to berate Mr. Yuan.

Of course, she should be punished for all her crimes.

What can we do as parents of our children when external conditions are temporarily difficult to change?

Pay attention to emotional granularity to avoid children being eaten

In the face of mukexin incident, we want to start with the following things.

American psychologist Lisa Federman Barrett put forward a concept - emotional granularity, that is, the ability to construct more detailed emotional experience than others.

People with high emotional granularity can use rich vocabulary to describe their own emotions or perceive others emotions. People with low emotional granularity can only use a few simple words, such as OK and terrible.

Relatively speaking, if the younger children have psychological problems, their emotional granularity is often lower, so they are more likely to show physical symptoms (such as headache, vomiting, etc.).

If you find that your child has the following conditions, the TA may be experiencing bullying:

Often have headache, stomachache or vomit, disgust;

Always lose temper before going to school, or very resistant;

There is a sudden change in the behavior of certain events;

Love to say some self mockery, self denial, self disparaging words;

Pretending to be sick, making excuses for asking for leave, refusing to go to school;

Say to parents that teachers dont like themselves, complain that teachers always pick their own thorns;

Complaining is always scolded loudly by the teacher, even humiliating himself;

Here are two other important educational ideas that I hope you can pass on to children:

1. Teach children to look at problems dialectically

When listening to Dialectics, some people may think that the child is so young, can ta understand it?

What we need to tell our children is:

There is no permanent right

We need to tell children what is right and what is wrong, and how to judge right and wrong, so that they have their own space and ability to think.

He will gradually understand that everyone will make mistakes and adults will make mistakes. Even teachers and principals or parents are not absolutely authoritative and correct.

What I think is right can be insisted and is worth seeing.

No one can doubt or deny himself because of his negation.

2. Developing childrens growth thinking

Mistakes are normal and can be allowed.

What we have to do is not to immerse ourselves in mistakes, but to think about how to make up for them and how to stop making them.

For them, Im not always making mistakes, I just havent found the right way yet..

As for all adults, dont expect the perfect child.

What adults should strive for is to be an honest adult, create a safer and friendly environment, allow children to be vulnerable, also allow them to make mistakes, cherish and guide with a more tolerant attitude.


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