Instead of college entrance examination, instead of life

 Instead of college entrance examination, instead of life

In 2004, Chen Qiuyuan, a science candidate in Shandong Province, scored 546.

At that time, the three score lines of Science in Shandong Province reached 549, which was called the most difficult college entrance examination in history.

Chen Qiuyuans score, one book, two books and three books is definitely not good, but this score, the last good specialty is certainly not a problem.

But she didnt wait for any notice.

After losing the list, she began to work to get married and have children.

This year, Chen Qiuyuan plans to take part in the adult college entrance examination. When she applied, she found that Chen Qiuyuan in had been studying in Shandong University of technology for three years and graduated successfully.

A search found that without knowing it, she was replaced by a fake.

The person who took her place was a liberal arts student with a score of only 303 in the college entrance examination.

The scores of the two men are not only very different, but also different in Arts and Sciences.

Probably when the other side operated in the dark, the examinees who had no right to have a rural household registration and whose scores were close to the third line were regarded as the things in the bag.

The choice is considered:

Stealing the names of candidates who are close to the third grade, stealing her grades and tampering with her fate will give them a psychological hint: its a college, not a famous university.

And ordinary people dont think about the depth of the water behind the admission, even if they can, they dont think that those privileges are related to themselves.

People who think that they have a good life with their privileges carefully, never thought that 16 years later, the person they replaced, also had a heart to go to university.

Its very angry and sad.

When other people of the same age accept the fate of supporting their families and their lives deviate from the focus of life and focus on raising their children, they can also summon up courage to apply for the college entrance examination for adults. Chen Qiuyuan, a confidant, believes that people who see the news can feel it.

So, if she went to Shandong University of science and technology, whats the situation today?

Fate has changed, time can not be reversed, only by assuming that nothing can be answered.

But for sure, if Chen Qiuyuan went to university, everything would be different.

In a word that may be a little out of date.

The only difference is that its different everywhere.


And there are many things that make people sigh.

The reason for the replacement is that Chen Kezheng, Chen Xiaoqis father, is the party secretary in the village. He has a relationship and bought the school administrators.

This replacement is eight years. This is the most important 8 years to shape your life.

Jining business school was only a secondary school, but the secondary school in that year is totally different from the current one.

Zhang Hua was admitted to Peking University; Li Ping was admitted to a secondary technical school; I worked as a salesman in a department store: we all have a bright future.

The reason why Li Ping and I who were admitted to the secondary technical school had a bright future at that time was that the secondary school students in the late 1980s were much more difficult than today.

It is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. After entering the technical secondary school, it can be transferred to urban household registration. This has obvious advantages in urban hukou and has fatal attraction in the early 1980s when more than half of rural Hukou in China. Its basically equivalent to entering xxx school, including Beijing hukou. 2. The food for technical secondary school is one meat, one vegetable and one soup for two people, totaling 1 yuan. At the end of each month, the average person is only 30 yuan, and the state subsidizes 15 yuan. 3. After graduation, the state guarantees distribution. After graduation, you can directly go to some monopoly state-owned enterprises. And because of professional counterparts, often can be a small leader directly. Imagine that if it had been allocated to the power system or energy system, it would have been quite a wealthy family now.

Besides, the promotion in the career system at that time was basically based on seniority. Technical secondary school graduates enter the unit system earlier, the length of service is longer than college students, and they often mix better than college students.

So at that time, the temptation of the state to use urban hukou, state subsidies and job arrangement attracted a large number of students with rural hukou to graduate from junior high school and think about secondary school, including some students with top scores and no problem in college entrance examination.

So at that time, secondary vocational school can be equated with a training course for cadres of a monopoly state-owned enterprise, which naturally has a bright future.

Technical secondary school in 1980s

In the case of Qi Yuling, the same is true.

Chen Xiaoqi, who took Qi Yulings place in college, successfully entered the Bank of China after graduation - let alone that year, even today, the Bank of China is a good unit that many people do not want.

She has been in 1998, not only to get the identity of city people, but also to hold the bank such an enviable iron rice bowl.

There is a qualitative gap in their lives.

At a time when education is much more valuable than today.

Its hard to say. Its a stolen life.

But Qi Yulings life is not the only one stolen.

In 1995, Shi Fengxia entered Huoqius normal school.

Nowadays normal secondary school has become a helpless choice for students who cant go to high school, but in the 1990s, only good students can be admitted in advance.

Shi Fengxia was a good student at that time, but she didnt wait for the admission notice.

A year later, Shi Fengxia was surprised to learn that someone had gone to Huoqiu normal school in her place.

The impostor is the headmasters wife, Li Daqin.

And Luo Caixia from Hunan. In 2004, she got 514 points in the college entrance examination, which did not reach the two admission scores of 531 in Hunan Province.

In that year, her classmate Wang Jiajun, although only 335 points in the college entrance examination, successfully entered Guizhou Normal University for undergraduate study.

Wang Jiajun pretended to replace Luo Caixia. The real Luo Caixia knew nothing about it. She chose to read again after losing the list and entered Tianjin Normal University in 2005.

On March 1, 2009, Luo Caixia opened an online banking business in Xinmao branch of China Construction Bank. When she presented her ID card, the staff told her that the information was wrong and she could not handle it.

According to the banks computer, Luo Caixias name, ID card number and her face cant match the number, and the issuing authority is Baiyun branch of Guiyang Public Security Bureau.

On July 9, 2008, Luo Caixia applied for the qualification of senior middle school teacher. The teacher in charge of the qualification examination told her that she had applied for the teacher qualification certificate in Guizhou.

However, Luo Caixia did not apply for a teacher qualification certificate in Guizhou.

Both of them are related to Guizhou, which arouses Luo Caixias suspicion.

There are many other things like this: Zhang Zhigang of Henan in 1999, Wang Nana of Zhoukou city of Henan in 2002, Ma Qiaozhen of Inner Mongolia in 2003, and Huang Haixia of Henan in 2010


In these years, I have heard some stories more or less, and I have read them again and again for the purpose of getting admitted to my favorite university.

After many years of hard study, some college entrance examination results are far from what they expected, and they lose their hearts and become crazy.

Its the hope of many people - in the eyes of some stereotypical people, it may even be the only fair test.

No matter who is, the result of college entrance examination is replaced, which is a pity.

So when I look up the information and see these things, I cant help sighing.

I believe that there is no lack of stories about being replaced.

What kind of punishment have a few people who steal their lives?

The person who replaced Chen Qiuyuan was dismissed from the work unit, and the specific situation is still under investigation.

Qi Yulings replacement life, Chen Xiaoqis family and related departments used 35000 yuan grass to grind.

After Shi Fengxia was replaced, he still hasnt been fair.

Except for the last one, the other punishment is too light.

And in these cases, the biggest problem is not knowing how to compensate the victims.

Let institutions directly accept the replacement? Its not realistic.

Often those lives are stolen is stolen, there is no way.

We know that there is an old saying, justice may be late, but it will not be absent.

In fact, this sentence is misunderstood, because its original text is justice delayed edition justice denied. The correct translation should be:

Late justice is not justice.

But never before, like the replacement of the college entrance examination, has this sad truth been displayed so incisively and vividly.